Metals to protect iron from rusting

To investigate the ability of metals to act as a sacrificial protector of iron, preventing or reducing rusting. Theory Iron oxide is more stable than iron metal, so when given the opportunity iron will be readily oxidised. Iron reacts with oxygen and water to form […]

New England

How would you explain the outbreak of witch persecution in New England towards the end of the 17th century? Witch persecution was not new to New England in the late 17th century but it had never been so popular in earlier years. There were several […]

Dramatic monologue in Browning’s

Both “My Last Duchess” and “Not My Best Side” are dramatic monologues. Browning’s monologue has much more depth, detail, and is a different style to that of “Not My Best Side. ” Although a different style they have many of the same attributes. Firstly the […]

War Of The Worlds

War of the worlds was a radio drama anthology series performed and written by a theatre group called Mercury Theatre. Mercury Theatre was a theatre company founded in New York City by Orson Welles and John Houseman. The war of the worlds was the first […]

India and Heart of Darkness

The Hollowmen and the Horrors of the Abyss: An exploration of Forster’s views of Imperialism in ‘A Passage to India’ explored via and compared with Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’. Both A Passage to India and Heart of Darkness can be interpreted as portraying Imperialism in […]

Opening to drama

As the play commences, we meet Roderigo, who exclaims; “Tush! never tell me; I take it much unkindly that thou, Iago, who hast had my purse, as if the strings were thine, shouldst know of this” This opening discloses very little to the audience. We […]

Fission and Fusion

In natural radioactive decay, an unstable isotope of an element decays into a different atom and an emission (alpha/beta particle, or energy in the case of gamma/? radiation). This is a spontaneous natural process with a random rate. Nuclear fission is also the splitting of […]

Realistic dialogue

Throughout the play ‘All My Sons’ Arthur Miller does create a fairly realistic dialogue on which to base the play. There is nothing that could be argued to be completely out of the ordinary about the play and to a certain extent all of the […]

Analysis of the Tension

This chapter of Jane Eyre is extremely tense and though the levels of tension vary throughout the reader remains apprehensive. As Jane remembers her life at Thornfield the atmosphere is more peaceful, however when she discovers that Thornfield is a ruin the reader shares Jane’s […]

Emotive and realistic

When the film first starts we see an American flag, it is unlike any others from a war film, most war films show the flag to be very glorious, neat, and with bright colours, this flag is different, the colours are de-saturated, it is very […]