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Result of globalisation

China and the Asian continent as a whole have been undergoing remarkable recovery in the past two years as a result of globalisation. However, the retardation of the rest of the world, as well as economic uncertainties and the political issues within the region are major factors lowering the confidence and the growth prospects of […]

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Trans-National Companies

Globalisation has enabled the flow of services and goods from those countries that are developed to developing countries and this has made the electronic goods from China to be more popular all over the world. This globalisation has also made it possible for Chinese international trade to rise gradually since other countries that were doing […]

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Production in China

In this research proposal a proper definition of globalisation has been given and immediately after the various effects of economic globalisation to the China’s international trade will has been discussed. As it will be seen from the proposal, economic globalisation has had many effects both the good and the bad effects on the international trade […]

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History of the credit crunch

What is the credit crunch and how does it come about? At what point does the credit crunch cause negative effects within the economy? What is the relationship between the performance activities in the housing sector and the credit crunch? What effects does the credit crunch cause on the housing sector? How can the credit […]

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Effects of credit crunch on U.K. housing market

The prevailing credit crunch has had a number of effects on the economic activities of the economies around the world. One such economy that is being considered in this research proposal is United Kingdom, and the housing sector in the economy is considered. Some of the effects that the housing sector in the United Kingdom […]

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American Foreign Policy: The Need for a more Isolationist Stance

American Foreign Policy: The Need for a more Isolationist Stance             A long time ago, Charles Dickens spoke the immortal lines, “It is the best of times, it is the worst of times…” Many scholars would agree that he was referring to the current affairs of his time but no one can exactly claim complete […]

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Flywheel Technology

Abstract Flywheels are often referred to as the modern sources of clean power, and the need of the hour.  These wheels not only allow for cost-efficient means of storing energy, but also have a number of uses in today’s technological world.  From satellites and NASA, to hybrid cars and UPS’s – many technological needs of […]

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Flo Choi

Flo Choi             Depreciation is the systematic and rational allocation of tangible asset over the periods benefited by the use of the asset (Smith et al, 1998). Flo Choi, as the manager of the company must take into consideration various factor in determining the periodic depreciation charge for asset acquisition or additions. The asset cost, […]

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5 Ways To Boost Your Business’ Cash Flow

Business is a game of revenue, profits and expenditures.;If those metrics are out of balance, sustaining a business will prove difficult. Even if your projections show a rapid increase in profits in the next four months, you may not be around long enough to witness them. Related:; The challenge: You have to;make enough money to […]

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