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Marketing Mix: Pricing

Numerous factors influence pricing decision, these factors are well thought-out to be very critical elements in developing marketing strategies. Since price is the building block that determines whether a product will or will not produce revenue, marketing executives need to make use of the information gathering skills and market research when implementing pricing decisions. Several […]

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The Beginning of Marketing

Introduction Though marketing practice could be traced way back to 7000 B.C, marketing as a distinctive discipline developed around the start of 20th century. As marketing gained impetus, and developed during the early and the mid 20th first century, to the main focus was placed on transactions as well as exchanges. Nonetheless Kotler (1997, p, […]

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Organizational Development

Designed to be an applied behavioral science methodology to improve organization’s problem solving and renewal processes, organizational development seeks to enhance collaborative management and increase the organization’s effectiveness and wellbeing within the culture of a given organization. “Organization development can be facilitated by a change agent, who could be internal or external to the organization […]

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Psychological Processes in Consumer Behavior

These processes can be briefly addressed as influenced by the antecedent states of the customer. These are moods and conditions that are not temporary. These factors can be influenced by the state of the atmospherics in the particular Wal-Mart stores. These atmospherics are factors such as design factors, employee dress norms, lighting, sounds, and aromas. […]

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Understanding Markets and Buyers

As is with any successful company Wal-Mart endeavors to understand its customers as well as the market. This is done by carrying out market research, integration of viable Marketing information systems as well as understanding the factors that affect customer purchasing decisions. Wal-Mart is a market leader and other stores have to learn from Wal-Mart […]

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Business Law

The MS EXCEL program is equipped with a variety of statistical tools to interpret data that would be useful for a manager of a certain company (Walkenbach, 2001). Most of these tools are summarized in MS EXCEL’s data analysis tool pack which can be accessed through the tools menu. The different tools and their managerial […]

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The Key To Full Employment And Price Stability

L. Randall Wray’s Understanding Modern Money: The Key to Full Employment and Price Stability is a wonderful work on the concept of money and its usage. This book published by Edward Elgar Northampton, MA in 1998 presents a 200 page analysis of fiscal approach and is considered to be a must reading for students and […]

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What Is Networking?

Networking is a term used for the process of connecting printers, computers and other nodes in a manner that would allow the individuals using the computers to communicate with one another easily. In this age of growing technology, the individuals need to communicate with one another from different locations and this is why there is […]

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Develop market

As earlier stated, the competitive level in fast food industry is very tense; thus, for a firm to operate adequately in this industry there is the need that an effective marketing strategy is put in place; which would be goal oriented and enthusiastically pursued. For firms like AIU that is expanding, its operation to foreign […]

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Srategic marketing

As earlier stated corporate culture is a reflection of the national culture and the environment in which the organization operates. The national culture of a state should be adapted onto by the corporate culture for the organization to thrive in its operation The role of national culture the AIU expansion can be said to be […]

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