Teaching clock face

Is it suitable for the people it is targeted at such as children?  Is the game easy to understand, interesting and challenging? Researching other products – what makes them interesting? How they are made?  Is the toy unique?  Is the toy fun and exciting?  Does […]

The official support system the British PM

Critically evaluate the principle underpinning two contrasting established models or approaches to pupil and classroom behaviour management. Drawing upon your reading & school-based observations, outline the strategies you intend to use in the classroom to promote good behaviour, self-control and independence. Introduction Classroom behaviour management […]

Humanistic approaches

Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) set up the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig in 1879. The main method used was Introspection, an experimental form of self-observation, which looks inwards at ones own mental experience. Wundt described consciousness as arising from two factors, the first is the sensory […]

The Psychology of Gender and Sexuality

Another perspective on human sexual behaviour comes from Buss and Schmitt’s (1993) sexual strategist theory (Baumeister, 2001). According to their theory men and women have different sexual strategies and they differ depending on whether the condition is short-term mating, i. e. affairs, or long-term mating, […]

Evacuation & children

Evacuation was a key factor in the war and although it was a success there is other information that also say it was a failure. Evacuation not only affected the children it also affected the hosts and the parents and was a totally new situation […]

Altruism & helping behaviour

However, Darley argued that there is no such thing as true altruism and the true and basic motive for human behaviour is self interest. This led to the development of the egoist model which suggests that if a person feels discomfort, anxiety or are upset […]

Letter complaining about Child Soliders

In more than forty countries in the world today children both boys and girls are fighting as soldiers in government forces and armed opposition groups. These ‘child soldiers’ all under 18 are forcibly or voluntarily fighting in hostilities throughout the world. Some fight in the […]

The most important explanations for youth offending behaviour

Further research (Howing et al 1993; Isabella, Belsky and Von Eye 1989) has indicated that parents who are loving and responsive bring up children with secure attachment style, whereas parents or significant others who do not behave in this way are more likely to have […]

Psychologist Alfred Binet

Alfred Binet “attempted to penetrate the human mind, to analyze its wellspring, to understand [it as] a complete whole”(Wolfe, p. 327). His work was diverse, covering areas such as systematic introspection, suggestibility, research with abnormals, mental fatigue, psychology of legal testimony, experimental study of children […]

Attractive and unattractive people

A limitation of this study along with all investigating the presence of the halo effect is that personal differences are evident throughout as each individual perceives attractiveness differently, as one persons idea of attractive might be another persons idea of unattractiveness. Also one persons idea […]