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Publicly Funded Healthcare (Canada) vs. Privatized Healthcare (US)

Introduction             The health system in the United States has been under scrutiny over many years with the government and the population at logger heads over how much healthcare is sufficient for its population. Currently, the American government is the largest spender on healthcare but seems to lag behind when it comes to efficiency and […]

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The financial health of the organization

Simon is undertaking what is commonly termed as “window dressing”. He is recording and omitting important transactions so that the financial health of the organization would appear better when the loan is requested. For example, the inclusion of $10,000 sales revenue to the Simon Family would increase the net income of the organization by that […]

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Employee Safety, Health and Welfare

The safety, health, and general welfare of employees in the workplace are vitally important to the continued success and prosperity for any employer. Many employees do not understand their rights under the law, nor do many individuals understand the responsibility of employers as it relates to the protection of employee safety and health. By outlining […]

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Hospitality Industry

To analyze how the 9-11 terror attacks in 2001 has affected the hospitality industry in the US. The paper will also analyze how the industry has responded to the terror attacks in order to provide solutions for crisis management for similar events in the future. Objectives 1. To critically review the US hospitality industry before […]

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Meet the Yelp for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

After California legalized the sale of , hundreds of thousands of people were left hunting down doctors willing to give them prescription cards and searching for local dispensaries–which have the habit of closing abruptly or being buried with invisible signage. One entrepreneur wondered why there wasn't a better way.  "I realized that these dispensaries could use […]

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Health Clubs A Marketing Proposal

Introduction Exercise tends to play an important role in living a healthy life. It can help one from staying away from chronic diseases; such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. It keeps one happy and fresh and away from stress and depression. When you work out regularly you tend to sleep well. You are able […]

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Medical care

One of the main problems which reflected real life issues found in the movie aside from health care policies revolve around the crisis in the sector of employment. Employment is an essential part of the country’s economic and social processes. We have to understand that the national policies regarding different sectors are complementary to each […]

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The Healthlites Company

The three major concerns regarding the Healthlites Company are they have and Out-of-date business process. Its order process is inefficient and slow. Communications in Sales, Sales Manager and RO and Plants are disorganized. Second they have an Outdated IT infrastructure. It takes 4-14 days before they process and ship out orders which depends on the […]

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Health-Care Innovators Get President Obama’s Attention

Even as the White House has backed off on a few of its deadlines for administering the , the Obama Administration is staying the course on its efforts to transition paper files to electronic health records in doctor's offices. met with several chief executives of health-care technology companies, government leaders and nonprofit public-service organizations on […]

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Financial Impact on the United States Healthcare System

The world is currently faced by a financial crisis of unprecedented levels, this may come as a surprising event in consideration of the fact that the earlier years of this century were marked by considerable economic developmental. The US is headed for a recession, at least that is what financial analysts predict, unless quick measures […]

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