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History And Development Of Business

To be able to cope with existing business challenges, understanding history and development of business is essential in assessing strategic requirements, trends and potentials of business. Business cycles can be defined by understanding historical information and strategic initiatives to enhance the business can be derived from studying development. According to Limpard (2001), businesses have to […]

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History of the credit crunch

What is the credit crunch and how does it come about? At what point does the credit crunch cause negative effects within the economy? What is the relationship between the performance activities in the housing sector and the credit crunch? What effects does the credit crunch cause on the housing sector? How can the credit […]

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History of American Express

American Express started out in 1850 as a freight and valuables delivery service for the rapidly expanding nation. The fledgling U. S. Postal Service was unreliable at the time and only allowed shipment of letter sized envelopes. This provided a business opening for the company to ship larger parcels and valuable items such as jewelry, […]

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Europe and World War I

World War I was the great armed conflict of 1914-18. Until World War II, it was often called the Great War because it was the most destructive and widespread war the world had ever seen. Wold War I began as a local conflict over a minor issue. Eventually it engulfed much of Europe and drew […]

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A History of the iPod

An iPod works by playing tracks in mp3 format. A mp3 is computer file that is music in nature as data, not a file made up of pictures or letters. A mp3 file is formed when it is converted into digital form from analog signals. The only thing worrisome for the iPod is that mp3 […]

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The History of Public Health and the Role of the Community/Public Health Nurse

The History of Public Health and the Role of the Community/Public Health Nurse Walden University NURS 4010 Section 04, Family, Community, and Population-Based Care 10 / 21 / 2012 The History of Public Health and the Role of the Community/Public Health Nurse Overview Public health, a population-centered nursing had been in existence since the late […]

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Personal History

As far as studies go, I am proud to say that I have had the unique opportunity to learn under different educational systems. As such, I am confident in saying that I not only have the training to succeed in this course but also the expertise to stand out. I began my high school education […]

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American Historical Association

For many people “propaganda” has a strong negative connotation. That is, it is considered as a dishonest, deliberate distortion of facts solely for advancing the devious aims of the propagandist. While this term is difficult to define and experts duffer, they generally agree that propaganda can also be used for positive honest goals that benefit […]

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American Business History

The American Business History was greatly influenced by the forms of governments that the United States of America has had through times. The Constitution of 1789 was composed three branches: Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary. These three branches tailored the manner by which the Federal form of government was run in that era. By the Federal […]

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Hunting: History and Moral Implications

Hunting: History and Moral Implications Introduction Today, the topic of hunting is one of the most interesting and controversial subjects as, on the one hand, hunting aims at providing humanity with the food, but, on the other hand, hunting has become a kind of entertainment having forgotten moral implications of killing animals for fun. For […]

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