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The Strengths and Weaknesses of the U.S. Constitution

The founders and framers of the United States Constitution have apparently felt and thought that there is a significant need for the country or their government to have a ratified fundamental law Hence, in order for the American people to never go back or once again be subjected to tyrannical control which they have previously […]

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Economic Functions of the Government

The state of a nation hugely depends on how well it is governed. The numerous functions of a government are too overwhelming that it is inevitable to overlook one aspect of the many tasks of a sovereign. However, one aspect is too big to be overlooked. The economic functions of the government are one of […]

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Extra Judicial Measures in the Canadian Juvenile Justice System

In developing alternative justice policies Canada considered as a leader, including a number of innovative community and restorative justice initiatives (Church Council on Justice and Corrections, 1996). Canada commonly play a lead role in the development of restorative initiative but the facts remains that “Canada has one of the harshest regimes for young offenders in […]

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Need of Reform on Criminal Justice System

Law is a set of rules and regulation prescribed by the administration in justice. The first and the foremost objective of law are welfare and betterment of society i. e. in easy words we can say that provide justice to a common man. In today’s era Change is constant, this is evident as the time […]

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The Issue of Gun Control

What is worse, guns or people that own them? Many people are asking this question, and the answer is neither. Guns are generally used for hunting or defense and are owned by great people. Also, some bad people do happen to own guns (often illegally) and they do bad things with them. But if they […]

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The Lincoln Lawyer

Mickey Haller is a criminal defense lawyer, who knows how to play all the angles to lessen the charges or to help get his clients off. He runs his business out a 4 Lincoln town cars, (pg. 16). Earl Briggs is Mickey’s driver, who is paying off his debt, for a reduced sentence, (pg. 16). […]

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Evolution of Government

a. How did religious persecution in Europe influence colonial attitudes and governments in North America? The early settlers to the New World in North America traveled so as to escape the problem of religious persecution and intolerance in Europe. In many European nations, specific religions held dominance in the ruling class and subjected other religions […]

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Euthanasia and the Oregon law

Euthanasia is defined as “the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit. ” ‘Act’ refers to the actual killing of a person or patient like introducing lethal medication, while ‘omission’ means failure to provide the minimum necessities for sustaining life such as water or food. […]

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The Offer and Acceptance Model Is Flawd – Only an Agreement Is Necessary

The offer and acceptance model is flawed- only an agreement is necessary. In order to fully comprehend this statement, we must first establish what constitutes and offer and what constitutes acceptance. “An offer is a statement by one party of willingness to enter into a contract on stated terms, provided that these terms are, in […]

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