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The 2009 Book Expo America (BEA)

The 2009 Book Expo America (BEA) The Book Expo is an international event or rather a festival which calls upon all book publishers from around the world. Usually held in a major city of the United States, it is set up for four days at the end of May or beginning of June, the festival […]

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Characteristics of Effective Work Team Effectiveness

In their research, Hernon and Rossiter learned that the efficiency of work team effectiveness is cause by many factors. These include the unity within a team, the team structure itself, the team’s performance, leadership abilities exemplified by people who are in authority, means of motivation and the ultimate team objectives. They added that the said […]

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Logbook activity 6

Logbook activity 6 Tasks An analyst has just completed an investigation into the sales of a computer software application over the past four years. The results are shown in the table below. Year Quarter Sales (000’s) Year Quarter Sales (000’s) 2005 1 20 2007 1 26 2 24 2 32 3 24 3 31 4 […]

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Small Business Literature Review

The 21st century market globalization is perceived by economic experts as ushering a millennium challenge to emerging industries of world economies. The millennium challenge patterns the creation and establishment of small and medium enterprises that outlines the interdependence of domestic economies. This interdependence of domestic economies may seem to rationalize the inclusion of foreign-based enterprises […]

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The Blackwell Handbook of organizational learning

The limitations and challenges faced by the knowledge management primarily revolve around the issues related to processes of articulation, evaluation, application and protection of organizational knowledge (Sanchez, 2005). Employing technology and processes to elicit information from the individuals who lack the skills to articulate knowledge is one of the biggest challenges of knowledge management. Another […]

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Leadership Characteristics

Applying the required characteristics when working as an athletic director is not and easy task and requires a lot of sacrifices and endurance, the following are some of the ways to achieve the goals. A good director should have exemplary character. This is a leader who walks the talk and in this perspective, the director […]

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Good Leadership Characteristics

Leadership is generally described as process of influence that causes an effect to those who follow it. On the other hand it should be noted that the ability of a leader to be influential relies on his or her ability to exercise power. Leadership therefore is the aptitude or authority to direct other people towards […]

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5 Tips for Publishing Your Own Book

Gareth Feighery, who runs , didn't become an author in hopes of selling a lot of books and reaping the royalties. Instead, he wrote the self-published book Secrets to Explosive Stock Market Profits to build the credibility of his Philadelphia-based financial education company and attract clients in a crowded market. "It's a value proposition. We […]

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Financial Service Authority

London has fast become one of the major financial hubs across the world and these financial services have become the main source of wealth for the country’s economy. The Financial Service Authority or the FSA is the first incorporated fiscal service controller, which came into existence after the unification of several finance service bodies between […]

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Amazon Gets Social, Buys Book Recommendation Site Goodreads

This week's need-to-know social-media news. Remember when Amazon was thought of as just an online bookseller? Despite its expansion into other areas of ecommerce and its reinvention as a full-fledged technology powerhouse, Amazon plans to continue dominating the market for books. There could be no clearer sign of that ambition than the recent announcement that […]

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