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Hackean las redes sociales de Mark Zuckerberg

Escrito originalmente para Al contrario de lo que podríamos pensar, Mark Zuckerberg es un simple mortal. Sí, maneja Facebook y tiene una gran influencia en tu vida en la red – si realmente solo usas Facebook para ver qué hacen tus amigos. Sí, tiene una fortuna que ronda las miles de millones y básicamente usa […]

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Improving Business through Technology: A Management Perspective

Improving Business through Technology: A Management Perspective Through the years technology has been observed to affect business positively. The era of Industrial Revolution introduced technology in the form of mechanized tools and machines for production of goods, transforming the aspects of production in a business. The advent of telephones, telegraphy, fax machines, satellite and wireless […]

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Technology Value Chain Assessment

Abstract       General Electric Co. (GE) is well known for its commitment to various types of technologies. Not only does the company supply its customers with the highest quality of technologically-advanced products; GE has also been able to incorporate effective technological solutions into all elements of its value chain management. Digitization of workplace processes is […]

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Major Benefits and Impact of Computer Application in the Workplace

Before we start digging in to the main benefits of computer application like the used of Microsoft application, it is important first to understand how this affects the workplace and the people who applies it. Many would see now that people in order for them to be more competitive in the workplace, they need to […]

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Technology and Operations Management / Project Management W2

Abstract This paper details the concepts in the following readings the way they relate to project management: Schwalbe, K. (2009). An introduction to project management (2nd Ed.), Boston: Course Technology, chapters 5-8, Appendix A and Shister, N. (2004), Managing global relationships in the extended supply chain, World Trade, 17(1). The report also examines the way […]

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Impact of Emerging technology on Business

The invention and development of Femtocell technology has had both negative and positive impact on business. Femtocells are greatly preferred in business environments due to the benefits they offer to the users. One positive impact of the technology on business is that, it has led to the establishment of new companies. According to Nicholas (Nicholas, […]

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YouTube technology

Internet is the most wonderful means of communication. It simply stands for international network which connects thousand if not millions of computers world wide. Internet enables people from anywhere to share unlimited information form anywhere. It has changed and made the world a global village which means that people interact as if they are together. […]

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Flywheel Technology

Abstract Flywheels are often referred to as the modern sources of clean power, and the need of the hour.  These wheels not only allow for cost-efficient means of storing energy, but also have a number of uses in today’s technological world.  From satellites and NASA, to hybrid cars and UPS’s – many technological needs of […]

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Business Technology Leadership

Installation of electronic timetables within construction places affords all involved parties (major contractors, sub-contractors, architects, surveyors, project managers, advisory engineers, maintenance contractors, house fabricators) contact with current data. Existing software offers total project control, record and document management, timetabling, workflow and investigating functionality. Centralized databanks facilitate collection, analysis, manipulation and annotation of documents by users […]

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Human Enhancement Technology

For those without a direct experience with limb loss and paralysis or unacquainted with one who does, the general image of prosthetics for the better part of the 20th century is a barely mobile piece of plastic with about as much functionality as a crutch. Yet as early as 2006, technology journalist Rachel Metz reported […]

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