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When Pip meets Estella pip instantly starts to like Estella but Estella pushes pip away. In addition, when pip meets Miss Havisham he does not know what Miss Havisham wants him for also this is when we start to under stand miss Havisham and what she is like which will lead on to a paragraph later on. Magwitch is a cold hearted criminal “… With a great iron on his leg” this in Victorian times shows he shows he has been to prison and he is has a escaped is mounting up to us feeling no sympathy but when we realise he has been through a rough time and has no friends also we realise Magwitch has no clothes and he was in “..

All in coarse grey” this also shows he is a prisoner and he has still got the uniform of a prisoner also Magwitch is so desperate that he need some “files” and “whittles”. Magwitch heeds to get the great iron of his leg but to do that he needs help from a child. Magwitch requires pip to bring him food to survive and some tools to get the iron of his leg. Magwitch threatens pip because he is extremely desperate to be free he would endanger the life of a child to free himself. Magwitch does not wears a hat meaning he is not part of upper or middle class but he actually belongs to the working class meaning he is not a proper gentleman

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The setting where we first find Miss Havisham is in a large room. In the room is described as an ‘a pretty large room well lighted with wax candles no glimpse of day light was to be seen in it’ in it, the point of this is ‘no day light to be seen in it’ this shows she had not bothered and has given up. Miss Havisham was dressed in rich materials this shows that she is high in society as in Victorian times the richer you were the more you were recognized you were this also had direct relevance on to how you felt about people in a lower social standing such as pip who comes from a working family

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