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In the start of act 3 John goes to court with a deposition to try and save Elizabeth’s life. He also with him takes Mary Warren to convince the court that the trials have got nothing to do with witchcraft that it is all a lie. Danforth the judge of the court responds by asking John why he has brought Mary and why has she changed her confession “Now, sir what is your purpose in so doing? John replies by telling him that he wants to free his wife “Why, I – I would free my wife sir”. Danforth then informs John that

Elizabeth is pregnant and John tells the court that his wife would never be disloyal and that she would never lie that she is pregnant. “But is she says she is pregnant then she must be! That woman will never; Mr. Danforth” Even though John is surprised because John’s and Elizabeth’s relationship has not been good. It is significant because it shows he has faith in her. Knowing there is no other way to save Elizabeth and to prove Abigail is false John states to the court that he has had an affair with Abigail “It is a whore”, “I have known her sir”.

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He persuades Danforth that he is telling him to ask Elizabeth who knows about the affair John tells Danforth that she would never lie. Danforth then sends his people to go and get Elizabeth and asks her if there is truth in this accusation Proctor has made and asks her if there is truth in this accusation Proctor has made “Your Husband-did he indeed turn from you? But Elizabeth to save her husband lies and tells the court that the accusation is not true “No, sir”. Danforth then removes Elizabeth from the court. As you see hear Elizabeth goes against her Christian upbringing “thou shall not lie “and her moral conscience to protect her husband.

Authur Miller makes this scene dramatic by making the audience Think that Elizabeth will tell the truth as before in the play he writes she never lies but then in the end she does lie to save her husbands reputation. This scene shows that Elizabeth still has strong feelings for her husband even though he had an affair and betrayed her and that she will do anything to save him. After she say’s that he did not commit an affair John tells her to tell the truth as he has confessed “Elizabeth, tell the truth” “I have confessed it”. Elizabeth then shouts out “Oh god” These words demonstrate the strong feelings she has for John.

Danforth then sentences John to hang as he has lied to the court. Danforth then tells John that he can survive from being hanged if he confesses his sins. In Act 4 the next time Elizabeth sees John is when she is sent to try and persuade him to confess his sins. As they meet Elizabeth asks John how the boys are John replies by telling her they are fine and Rebecca Samuel is looking after them “They’re well. Rebecca Samuel’s keeps them” as the conversation goes on John then tells Elizabeth that he is thinking of confessing his sins “I have been thinking I would confess to them, Elizabeth.

What say you? If I give them? ” Elizabeth replies by telling John that she wants him alive and she wants him to confess his sins this shows that she wants her husband to stay alive as she has deep feelings for him. Proctor then tells Hawthorne that he will confess “I want my life”. Danforth then asks him questions on whether he saw the Devil and John replies to all his questions “I did”. While this is going on Rebecca sees John and keeps asks him why he is confessing as she knows he did not commit a crime “Why John”.

Danforth asking Proctor the questions then asks Rebecca is she would like to survive by confessing her sins Rebecca rejects the chance to survive by saying no. Danforth then requests Proctor to sign his testimony, Proctor does not want to sign it because he does not want a bad name so he does not sign and he takes his testimony paper leaving Danforth to begging him to give it to him. In the end Proctor is sentenced to hang as a result of not giving Danforth the testimony he decides to hang because if he lies to the court he will have a bad name and will not be respected no more amongst the people.

In the end of the Elizabeth and John depart with a passionate and really heart touching kiss and are united against Abigail and the court. At the start of the play Elizabeth and Proctor’s relationship is very cold and bitter as Elizabeth has just discovered that Proctor has had an affair with Abigail and has forgiven him but still feels uncomfortable around him, but during the play goes on and as Elizabeth is arrested of suspicion of witchcraft Proctors love and there relationship gets even stronger as is shown in the play in the fight in getting Elizabeth back. This shows how there relationship changed from the start of the play to the end.

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