Essay Sample on Dance Organization

In London is a lot of club when we can provide dance. Tooting Leisure Centre doesn’t offer dance lesson we can go on fitness classes when we will be improve our physical condition. Tindle’s Dance & Drama Studios on 1 Peony Court in London we can improve dance from child to adult. Very famous dace studio is the Pineapple in central London. Pineapple is London’s most popular dance studio and has extensive rehearsal, audition, and casting space available. All studios have sprung floors, mirrors, music systems and pianos. Chairs and tables can be provided on request. These are just some of the classes available at Pineapple, from Beginners to Professionals. This studio offer many kind of dance for example hip-hop, ballet , tap dance, modern dance. We can choose also suitable level for us. From beginners to Advanced / Professional.

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When people achieved high level in dance then they vying for a place in dance teams. These teams regularly go on national and international competitors. They must to belong to the organisation. Then they go on competition. I will talk about two organisation The International Dance Organization(IDO) and The National Resource Centre for Dance (NRCD). The International Dance Organization (IDO) was founded in Florence, Italy, on September 18th 1981. As a non-profit organization, the main purpose was to provide Continental and World Championships competitions to both amateur and professional dancers, in all forms of dance, not covered by the World Dance and Dance Sport Council ant The World Rock�n Roll Association.

In October 1998 the IDO elected its first Presidium after a two year reconstruction procedure. The Presidium consists of a President, Executive Secretary, Senior Vice President and four Vice Presidents in charge of various departments. The IDO is an affiliated member of the International Dance Sport Federation (IDSF) and has now more than 60 National member bodies. Disables people also can develop in dance. Type dance for disable people is ballroom. Modern dance disables people can’t improve. In this type one or two partners are on the wheelchair. Special competitions take place a few times in year.

In modern dance on local ,national and international competitions competitors can start in group in duo or in solo. Usually tree or four groups solo or duo which are the best on local competitions then they will go on national competitions. On this competition is very high level. Winners can go on international championship. On this competition we have change met with elite. Both male and female have got the same laws and statute. On competition we can start in different age’s group. First is child 6-10 years second is junior 11-16 and senior +16. I think that in UK we have got a big horizons to dance. We can fund a lot of dance clubs ,school, teams. If we want devote our life to a dance we have chance do this in UK and London. London is the European centre of culture.