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My aim is to find out whether or not changing the depth of the electrolyte affects the current. If so, is there a connection Method: I will set the experiment up as shown in the diagram. I will increase the depth of the electrolyte by 25ml each time. I will repeat the experiment 3 times to make sure I can spot any anomalous results. This way my results will be more accurate. Scientific Prediction: I predict that as I increase the depth of the electrolyte the current will be increased.

By increasing the depth of the electrolyte it increases the surface area or the electrodes. By increasing the surface area the rate of reaction has increased, as there is a greater chance of a collision between the electrons and the electrodes. If I double the depth of the electrolyte, which is doubling the surface area, the current will double. Key Factors: Factors that will affect my experiment are depth, distance between electrolytes, voltage, and size of electrodes, concentration and temperature.


My only variable will be the electrodes. I will keep the same all the others. I will attach the electrodes at a fixed distance on a splint this way they will not move so my results will be fair. I will be able to keep the voltage the same at 4V but not changing it on the power pack. I will use thwe same electrodes through the experiment, this way im not changing the size, but I will clean them before every repeat. I will use the same copper sulphate solution so I will not change the concentration.

I will try and keep the experiment at room temperature, all doors and window will be closed and the heating off, this way the temperature should not change enough to affect the experiment in any significant way. If I increase the distance between electrodes the current will fall. If I increase temperature, size, depth, concentration or voltage the current will increase. Results From my original results I can see that I need to make an adjustments to my set up or the electrodes can move, this way my results aren’t valid.

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