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The Environmental Marketing can be defined as “marketing a product in such a way that its benefits to the environment are highlighted and explained to the target consumer”. It has been observed that the Environmental Concerns have been on a rise in recent years, not only consumers are concern about environment but also producers present in different industries are indulged in producing environmental friendly products.

Recently I had a chance to view the commercials of some car manufacturing companies like Audi AG & Toyota, they have taken a positive step towards the Environmental Marketing and Environment Friendly cars, Audi has manufactured Audi A3 TDI and Toyota has manufactured Prius Hybrid respectively which are completely based on Environmental friendly aspects, from their advertisements it is clearly visible that they are following an environmental friendly marketing strategy.

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The message conveyed by them through their commercials is quite effective and has brought about a change in the mind of the consumers. The present day consumers belong to a mobilized community which is aware of what is right and what is wrong.

They have this tendency to take corrective measures and realize the importance of different things going around them, the approach adopted by Audi, Toyota and many other companies have brought about a drastic change in the attitude of the consumers regarding the products they utilize which are non-environmental friendly and might be hazardous, consumers are more willing to switch to environmental friendly products because environmental friendly marketing has helped them to understand the damages non environment friendly products can inflect on their surroundings (Krarup & Russell, 2005).

Environmental Marketing is basically not only targeting the consumers which are already conscious about this issue, but instead its objective is to aware the consumer segment, which is not aware of such hazards, my personal attitude towards different products have changed since companies have introduced environmental marketing. The present day successful companies are not only focusing on their product but also on the value their product provides to the environment. Environmental Marketing has a very clear message regarding environmental threats; this message encourages consumers to be positive towards environmental friendly products.

It is also an emerging fact that consumers are more into such product rather than those products which could be harmful to everyone. Governments of different countries are also encouraging the companies to develop such type of products which would be beneficial for all. It is a fact that environmental marketing is very effective and is also a competitive advantage for a company given the fact that your target audience is a empowered and mobilized community.


Krarup S. , Russell C. S. (2005) Environment, Information And Consumer Behavior (New Horizons in Environmental Economics), Edward Elgar Publishing

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