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An iPod works by playing tracks in mp3 format. A mp3 is computer file that is music in nature as data, not a file made up of pictures or letters. A mp3 file is formed when it is converted into digital form from analog signals. The only thing worrisome for the iPod is that mp3 files must be compressed in order to fit into the iPod properly. Mp3 files are huge space takers on the memory of the iPod or any digital music player there is. But Apple have solved it by creating iPods with different amount of hard drive memory.

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The bigger the memory,the more songs can be put in the iPod. One thing the iPod is known for is the sound quality of the player. It is as clear and not more than CD quality clear but much better than that. The iPod up to know still offer the best quality sound among digital music players today. And this is where Apple would not reveal its secrets about the iPod and how it actually works. There are many positive and negative effects of the iPod in society and in pop culture today.


One effect is that at first the iPod is a fad, a must have thing or the “in” accessory of the season. What stated out as a “want” turned into a “need”. iPods became part of our lives. It has become a convenient and important accessory in life in general today. It is an essential accessory like your wallet and cellphones. iPods also have defined on who a person is based on what he has playing on his iPod. It also gets the people to show who they are thru the iPod.

It also made interaction with other people much more better especially when downloading music or getting insights on what to download on the iPod. The bad thing about the iPod is that it does make someone isolated in society in the real world. He or she is more engrossed on their own digital world, the iPod. The lack of personal interaction is a thing to be worry about. And it also opened the doors on medical problems like ear injuries and causing to be deaf because you are listening to the iPod too loud.

And that it has become the same as cash or jewelry, it is a magnet for thieves. And it may caused a few industries to go down particularly those in record stores and somewhat the music industry wherein artists get to put their albums on record bars. They lose money because people now prefer to download music for a cheaper price or illegally than buy at a record store. No matter what it no denying that the iPod has changed the way people go in their everyday life. It has become more interesting, colorful and convenient. If you need a music fix anytime, anywhere you just plug in your iPod and go. Life has definitely changed since the invention of the iPod.

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