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Information security is playing a critical function in todays fast traveling concern environment. A security policy is the basic basicss on which an effectual and secured security plan can be developed. The security policy is the primary manner in which management`s outlooks for security are transformed into accomplishable ends. It should be noted that there is no individual method for developing security policies.

There are many factors to be considered when developing security factors, including client type, concern type and company size. This essay describes about the security policy which has been developed to protect all the system with in supermarket.

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The aim of this essay is

& A ; # 61656 ; To supply the importance of security policies
& A ; # 61656 ; To depict the basic features of security policies

Developing security policies:
Security rules:

The rules of security are to specify the security policies in which policies can be farther defined. These rules define the specific type and nature of security policies which is applicable to the organisations. Furthermore the organisations should measure and reexamine these rules so that the management`s outlooks and concern demands can be stratified. The chief ends of security rules are

& A ; # 61656 ; To guarantee the handiness – information shall be available and delivered when it is required
& A ; # 61656 ; To supply confidence for the confidentiality – accessing informations with authorised user
& A ; # 61656 ; To supply unity – information shall be complete and accurate
& A ; # 61656 ; To protect the information from unauthorised usage
& A ; # 61656 ; To guarantee the confidentiality of customer`s and processed informations and prevent from unauthorised usage
& A ; # 61656 ; To forestall unauthorised and undetected alteration, replacing, interpolation and deleting of informations

Security policy intent:

The security policy is to make consciousness among users, staff and directors to protect assorted assets like clients, hardware and package, information ‘s. The policy should clearly stipulate the mechanisms through the basic demands can be achieved. The other intent of this policy is to let the alterations in development of operational processs, entree control, system, web and many others. The other intents of these policies are

& A ; # 61656 ; It should protect client and information
& A ; # 61656 ; It should hold authorized security user to supervise, investigation and look into
& A ; # 61656 ; It should specify and authorise the effects of misdemeanor
& A ; # 61656 ; To assist minimise the hazard
& A ; # 61656 ; To specify the company consensus baseline stance on security

Definition of security policy:

A security policy is a formal set of regulations through which users are given entree to an organization`s engineering, system and information assets. [ 1 ] The security policy should be easy apprehensible along with protection. The feature of security policies are

& A ; # 61656 ; The policies should place the countries of duty for all the users
& A ; # 61656 ; The policy should be documented, distributed and communicated
& A ; # 61656 ; The policy should be enforceable with security tools
& A ; # 61656 ; The policy should be implementable through system disposal processs
& A ; # 61656 ; The policy should be flexible in order to be feasible for long term

Policy direction and execution:

The policy must be disseminated to all the appropriate users and guaranting that policy does n’t go disused. The policy should be reviewed on a regular basis so that alterations in operating environment can be
added into the policy. After set uping the policy can be implemented in IT systems.

Security policy for ace markets:

Purpose of security policy:

The intent of the policy is to protect the supermarket information assets from all sort of menaces which may be internal, external, deliberate or accidental.


The aims of supermarket information security policies are to continue

& A ; # 61656 ; Confidentiality – merely authorized users are allowed to entree the information
& A ; # 61656 ; Integrity- all the information should be accurate and systems and webs should work harmonizing to specification
& A ; # 61656 ; Availability- all the information should be available and should be required at appropriate period

Policy purpose:

The policy aims to implement and keep the security criterions and confidentiality of information held by supermarkets by

& A ; # 61656 ; Guaranting that all the employees of supermarkets are cognizant of statute law as described in this policy
& A ; # 61656 ; Guaranting all the employees of supermarket understand their ain duties
& A ; # 61656 ; Introducing a consistent attack to security
& A ; # 61656 ; Making a consciousness with employees for information security
& A ; # 61656 ; Protecting information assets


This policy is applicable to all information available, systems, webs, applications, locations and users who are employed at supermarkets held in both manual and electronic signifier.

Policy applicable:

The policy is applicable to all the employees of the ace market, whether the employee may be lasting, impermanent or contract. The policy is besides applicable to all locations from which the supermarket systems are accessed ( may be supplier ) .

Employee duties:

& A ; # 61656 ; The employees of supermarket are responsible for usage or abuse of confidential information
& A ; # 61656 ; The employees should non copy, cancel, recycle, reexamine except the authorised individual
& A ; # 61656 ; The employees should take a appropriate steps to protect information
& A ; # 61656 ; The employee should safe guard all the mechanism which allows to entree confidential information
& A ; # 61656 ; The employee should take extra duty in describing to the supervisor if any unauthorised user is managing information

Manager ‘s duties:

The general manager`s are responsible for information security in supermarkets. But on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing the line manager`s are responsible for pull offing and managing the policy processs. They are
besides responsible for guaranting the full workers including impermanent and contract workers should be cognizant of

& A ; # 61656 ; The policies is applicable to all the employee in the supermarket
& A ; # 61656 ; Their personal duties sing information security
& A ; # 61656 ; To entree advice on information security
& A ; # 61656 ; Make sure that failure in following policy will consequences in disciplinary action

The line directors are besides responsible for their physical environments where the information is processed. All the system directors should guarantee that all the information which are used or handled should be maintained in high criterions.


The supermarket is thankful to defy by all relevant brotherhood statute law. The demands to move with this statute law shall be debauched to employees of the supermarket, who is responsible for managing the information in any cause of transgressing the information security. The supermarket shall follow with the undermentioned statute law

& A ; # 61656 ; The information protection act
& A ; # 61656 ; The information protection order
& A ; # 61656 ; The right of first publication, designs and patents act
& A ; # 61656 ; The computing machine abuse act
& A ; # 61656 ; The wellness and safety at work act
& A ; # 61656 ; Human rights act
& A ; # 61656 ; Freedom of information act
& A ; # 61656 ; Health and societal attention act
& A ; # 61656 ; Regulation of fact-finding powers act

Policy frame work:
Management of security:

At board degree the duty for information security will be the general directors. At shops the supermarket security office shall be responsible for execution, monitoring, certification, and communicating of security demands for the supermarket.

Information security consciousness preparation:

During the staff initiation period the consciousness of security preparation should be included and besides frequent consciousness programme should be established so that all the employees of supermarket is educate with necessary update.

Contacts of employment:

The information security outlooks of employees should be included within their section. During the recruitment phase staff security should be addressed and all contracts of employees should incorporate a confidentiality clause.

Security controls:

Control of assets- each IT plus should hold a security individual who is responsible for the information security Access control- merely authorised individual is allowed to entree the information which contains shops informations User entree controls- entree to certain information will be restricted so that merely authorized will hold entree to that peculiar information like client recognition card inside informations Computer entree control- entree to computing machine installations in the super shop will be restricted so that merely authorized users are allowed to utilize the installations Application entree control- to entree the information or beginning libraries should be controlled and restricted so that merely authorized users like system or database decision maker can entree the information for concern intent.

Equipment safety:

In order to forestall or minimise the loss or harm to all assets, the equipment should be physically protected from menaces and environment jeopardies. A standard set of processs should be followed in pull offing computing machines and webs.

Information hazard appraisal:

The chief rule of hazard appraisal is to place the security hazards in footings of their valued plus. Ifvthe value of the hazard is identified so it is easy to pull off the information security hazard. The riskvshould be recorded in the hazard registry so that it can be reviewed on a regular basis. These reappraisals can assist tovidentify the countries that are under high hazard, so that bar programs can be implemented in that country.

Information security events and failing:

All the information security events and suspected events should be reported to the supermarketvsecurity officer so that all the events can be investigated to avoid cause and impacts on supermarkets.

Categorization of sensitive information:

The supermarket shall implement information categorization control to manage the information which isvshared with external organic structures like providers or customers.vThe categorization ace market Confidential- shall be used for employee records, the employeevinformation can be passed to employee working in the supermarket ( like go throughing the employee detailsvto filing squad ) . The employee inside informations should non bevleft unnoticed so that unauthorised users may gainvaccess to those inside informations. The employee inside informations should be sent with appropriate packing so that no onevcan entree the information except the authorised users. The paperss marked supermarketvconfidential should maintain in a safe topographic point so that unauthorised users can non see the details.vThe categorization of supermarket restricted- it can be used to see all the sensitive information such as fiscal inside informations. It can besides cover information which is likely to

& A ; # 61656 ; Affect the repute of the supermarket
& A ; # 61656 ; Cause hurt to the persons
& A ; # 61656 ; Cause fiscal loss or loss of gaining
& A ; # 61656 ; Leads to perpetrate offense or other illegal activity

The supermarket restricted papers should be maintained in a unafraid country, so that it can forestall from unauthorised users.

Protection from malicious package:

The supermarket shall utilize antivirus package to protect from malicious package. The users should non put in any package in the system without mandate from the system decision maker. The removable disc which contains package or informations from external beginning should necessitate an mandate from the system decision maker to verify whether the disc is affected by virus. The users transgressing these demands can be accused for disciplinary action.

Monitoring system entree:

The system should be maintained on regular footing. The ordinance of fact-finding power act allows to supervise and enter the employee`s communicating ( including telephone ) for the undermentioned grounds:

& A ; # 61656 ; To look into unauthorised usage of the system
& A ; # 61656 ; To forestall or observe offense
& A ; # 61656 ; To guarantee the effectual operation of the system
& A ; # 61656 ; For the involvement of national security

Accreditation of information systems:

The supermarket shall guarantee that all new information systems should be approved by system decision maker. The alterations and alterations to the systems or application shall be reviewed and approved by the system decision maker. The supermarkets shall guarantee that all the information merchandises are licensed and approved by the system administrator/ safety officer.

Business continuity and catastrophe recovery programs:

The supermarket shall guarantee that concern impact appraisal, concern continuity and catastrophe recovery programs are produced for all the information including systems and webs. [ 2 ]


The security office is responsible to update the information security position of the supermarket by giving a elaborate studies and presentations.

Policy audit:

This policy will be audited by the supermarket approved hearer.

Further information:

For more information and advice on this policy the users can obtained from the supermarket administrations.

Policy for excess company:

The chief aim of this policy is to enable the efficient flow of information without unity and confidentiality.

Ethical trading criterions:

The supermarket is committed to guarantee good labor criterions in its supply concatenation. The supermarket which brings retail merchants, providers and trade brotherhood together to hold and present acceptable common criterions for workers and stats that

& A ; # 61656 ; Employment is freely selected
& A ; # 61656 ; Working conditions are safe, secure and hygienic
& A ; # 61656 ; No kid labor is used
& A ; # 61656 ; The lower limit rewards are paid to employee
& A ; # 61656 ; The working hours doesn`t exceed their bound
& A ; # 61656 ; Job secure is provided to all lasting employees
& A ; # 61656 ; No harsh or favoritism pattern is allowed

Sharing information with excess company:

The supermarket works with excess administrations which all have an of import function in presenting the merchandises such as grocers ‘ , fresh fruits, frozen merchandises. Super market besides receives petition for personal informations signifier

& A ; # 61656 ; The constabulary
& A ; # 61656 ; Insurance companies
& A ; # 61656 ; Solicitors

In this instance the supermarket will non let go of information without the consent of the person concerned.

Network security:

The supermarket will prosecute a 3rd party specializer to reexamine web security since there is a information flow between two administrations.

Telephone security:

The employees of supermarket should aware of the importance of verifying the certificates of all companies who are bespeaking sensitive information.

Electronic mail:

The system users are responsible for look intoing virus before opening the electronic mail. The electronic mail should be used harmonizing to the system administrator conditions.

Fax security:

The super market shall guarantee that facsimile communications are protected so that facsimile incorporating sensitive information is received in secured mode.

Verbal communications:

The ace market will guarantee that all the employees are advised to esteem the privateness of employees.

Intra company policy:

The supermarket realizes that catastrophe may happen despite security steps and therefore the supermarkets require catastrophe recovery programs. The chief job with in the shop will be loss of cardinal systems and watchwords.

Planing procedure:

The planning procedure includes-
& A ; # 61656 ; Identifying critical computing machine systems and user countries
& A ; # 61656 ; User consciousness in placing catastrophe scenario
& A ; # 61656 ; Identifying exposure based hazards

Planing frame work:

The catastrophe programs includes
& A ; # 61656 ; Loss of cardinal user country within the shops
& A ; # 61656 ; Loss of cardinal operational country
& A ; # 61656 ; Loss of cardinal portion of a computing machine web
& A ; # 61656 ; Loss of a cardinal staff

The catastrophe recovery programs includes
& A ; # 61656 ; Emergency procedures screens immediate actions to be taken during the incident
& A ; # 61656 ; Testing processs depicting about how the catastrophe recovery program will be tested
& A ; # 61656 ; Producing grounds of regular and equal testing of catastrophe recovery programs


In decision this paper explores the procedure of edifice and implementing a successful information security policy for ace markets. A security policy establishes the outlooks of the client or user including their demands for information. The security policy acts as a span between the client outlooks and stated demands that can be applied to develop an information system. The security within any administrations starts with constructing a security policy. The security policy is the foundation on which effectual security can be built ; it must be good designed and good constructed.


[ 1 ] J Weise, C Marin ( 2001 ) , developing a security policy, Sun Microsystems, USA
[ 2 ] A Kinglake ( 2003 ) , Information security policy, City University London, UK
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