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announce a new report through its vast collection of market research report :

Blood: The Worldwide Market for Blood Products, Blood Testing, Blood Equipment, and Synthetic Blood Products

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The global blood industry has experienced strong growth from 2005 through 2010 and this is expected to continue through the forecast period. Growth will be fueled by a variety of factors including aging populations in the U.S., Europe and Japan; ongoing technology advancements/new product introductions; and continued strong promotion of blood donation by collection agencies.

Blood: The Worldwide Market for Blood Products, Blood Testing, Blood Equipment, and Synthetic Blood Products of the blood industry provides an analysis of all the key market segments involved in this industry, including products, equipment and testing. Blood products covered in the report include:

Red Blood Cells (RBCs)



Other Plasma Products

Synthetic HBOC and PFC Agents

Recombinant Factors

Blood equipment revenues and forecasts are provided for:

Blood Collection Equipment

Automated Blood Collection Equipment

Testing markets covered include:

Blood Banking and Plasmapheresis Testing

Blood Typing

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Testing

Hepatitis A Virus Testing

Hepatitis B Virus Testing

Hepatitis C Virus Testing

Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Testing

West Nile Virus Testing

Other Safety Testing

In addition to complete market data, including forecasts to 2017, the study reports:

Product demand estimates by region

Collection and transfusion estimates

High-blood-loss procedure estimates

Product pricing

Reimbursement rates

Epidemiology of key conditions requiring blood products

Products on the market and in development

The report also provides discussions of the key trends, as well as the regulatory, business, and clinical challenges facing the various sectors; profiles of 23 major players in the industry are included.

Sales estimates for each market segment represent global revenues and are expressed in current dollars. Estimates are provided for the historic 2005 to 2010 period and forecasts are provided through 2017. Historical information for this report was gathered from a wide variety of published sources including company reports and filings, government documents, legal filings, trade journals, newspapers and business press, analysts’ reports and other sources. Interviews with company representatives were conducted to capture the perspectives from industry participants’ point of view and assess trends, and form the basis of the forecasting and competitive analysis.

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