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Potential employers look for three things in every applicant; skills, education, and experience.

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Employers in today‚Äôs market place are looking for a complete package.¬† The employer is looking¬†beyond the basic job skills.¬† Todays employer is looking for the team addition that will add to the¬†organizations ability to meet their goals and take on the corporate culture.¬† No longer is is ‚Äď you have¬†the degree ‚Äď let us show you to your desk.

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Skills encompass not only professional skill sets ‚Äď but also ethical and people skills.¬† Will the¬†associate have a strong work ethic?¬† Will there be any potential tardiness or absentee issues?¬† How well¬†will this associate work within the team environment already established within the organization?¬† Will¬†this associate add the needed strength to the team?¬† Is this a first job ‚Äď or a subsequent job?¬† How many¬†times has this applicant jumped jobs?¬† Few corporations will take on an associate who has established a¬†track record of leaving jobs every year or two.¬† The cost of hiring and training an associate leads most¬†organizations to look for long term players.

When the foundational skill sets have been evaluated ‚Äď then the organization will look at the¬†professional education, experience, and licensing needed for the position.¬† Although the position being¬†filled is for a recent college graduate ‚Äď the organization will still look for any college part time jobs that¬†may have provided additional experience needed in the current position being filled.

In todays competitive job market potential employers are looking for that little extra an applicant may bring to the table.  What clubs did the applicant belong to in college?  Did any of these clubs provide additional professional foundations?  What if any college work study jobs did the applicant hold?  Did any of these add to the skill sets being sought after?  Professional licensing will also add to the applicants resume interest.

Accreditation Council of Accountancy and Taxation (ACAT), and The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) are tow of the larger licensing and accreditation organizations in the accounting field.

College Grad.com also recommends that aspiring accountants seek to meet the following objectives;

  • Most jobs require at least a bachelor‚Äôs degree in accounting or a related field.
  • Job seekers who obtain professional recognition through certification or licensure, a master‚Äôs¬†degree, proficiency in accounting and auditing computer software, or specialized expertise will¬†have an advantage in the job market.
  • Competition will remain keen for the most prestigious jobs in major accounting and business

An applicants grade point average will also be taken into competitive consideration.  The prospective employer in an entry level position will review detailed college transcripts to clarify how well an applicant understood and grasped the accounting competency classes.   The interview process may include some skills demonstration with simple work sheets.  The prospective employer will attempt to identify the strongest candidate through the screening and interviewing process.

A well written resume and the extras may look good on paper.¬† The resume gets the applicant the¬†interview.¬† The screening process and interview will get the applicant the job.¬† It is here ‚Äď more than¬†anywhere else the old saying comes into play, ‚ÄúFirst impressions are the best impressions‚ÄĚ.¬† Some¬†training or well sought out advice in interviewing techniques would be a positive step to take in¬†preparation for the interview.¬† Applicants today should do their homework when it comes to¬†researching the prospective employer.¬† Is the prospective company going to offer more than just a job.

The employer will establish basic requirements for the position.  Few if any employers will seek out and offer the position to an applicant who just has the basic requirements for the position.  The employer will look for that added extra the applicant can add to the overall package.

A prospective applicant into the accounting profession needs to prepare for that sought after¬†position long before walking in the door for an interview.¬† It is not only what the applicant¬†introduces on paper ‚Äď it is what the applicant brings in person.¬† Will they be a¬† fit for the¬†organization interviewing to fill a position?¬† Will they be a fit into the professional accounting arena?


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