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The internship program has been a much beneficial phase of my career’s development towards a more professional level of comprehension on my part. Undeniably, being an accounting apprentice has made a great impact on how I particularly view my responsibilities based on the duties that are appointed to me by the organizations that I am actually working for.

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Applying the theories that I have learned from school certainly added to the color of this particular experience in my life. To present the different areas of development that I have gained from this particular program, the discussion below shall express the thoughts that I have towards the competence that this internship primary served me:

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  • Learning that human camaraderie is an important part of any organizational operations success: this learning particularly helped me understand the importance of one’s capability of working with others to get a particular task completed. This fact has been learned through the camaraderie that I primarily had with the permanent workers of the company. I found out that working with them for the organization through professional cooperation makes that task even easier to understand and complete for the benefit of everyone else. Through this, I discovered that it is not only plain accounting theory that I am able to prove through this internship but also the importance of understanding the theory of management in establishing fine teamwork among all the other workers of the business.
  • Learning about the importance of doing things ahead of time to avoid future problems: During the said internship, I was taught to keep on track of the different activities that I have to finish ahead of time. This allowed me the chance of completing my tasks in a timely manner making the task much easier to change and problems easier to handle as they come along in the future.
  • Learning much on the process of implementing the necessary procedures of accounting computations in actual business cases. From this particular experience, I learned that the procedures of accounting that I learned from school have been made realistic through actual pressures of the situations that the business I worked for primarily handled. Understandably, the said process of the program helped me realize the real importance of the role of accountants in functioning for the presentation of the financial assets of the organization.
  • The program helped me understand the realities of the pressures and benefits of professional work. From this program of internship, I realized that accountancy is certainly not a sit and rest work. A lot of thinking must be utilized to be able to complete the appointed tasks that I am supposed to work on. At the end of the day though, the satisfaction that I receive from knowing that I did the best that I could to complete the task that has been appointed to me by my authorities.

Certainly, from the list of primary learning factors presented above, it could be observed that I have learned the different basic facts about real life situation application of accounting theories and procedures as learned from school. The said internship program not only gave me an overview of what I am actually waiting for in the future as I face the professional life of accountants, but it also allowed me to appreciate the fact that I am following a career path that is much able to bring out the skills that I have learned from school. Although I know that the experience I received from the training is not as much as I expected it t be, it still served me the best learning that I could receive from an actual practice of the things that I learned from my university.

Yes, from this discussion of the different lessons that I learned from the training, it could be noted that I have been duly trained to face reality through the business situations that I have been presented with during the internship. Undeniably, this experience had been a much rewarding phase of my career development in the field of accountancy. This then serves as by stepping stone in becoming the right accountant for business organizations who could not only perform the basic forms of accounting in actual proceedings of business operations, but also one who is willing to take further steps ahead to become duly appreciated and useful for the organizations that I am soon to work for.

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