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In the aspect of business management, there are several elements which are critical to the nature, operation, and continuous development of the business cycle. Included in these critical elements are the human resources, physical and actual environment of the business, and the social function and relationship of their organization towards their market.  In this concern, managing these elements is dominantly significant for the business thus, an effective and efficient approach must be taken to accomplish the said concern.

For this to be accomplished, a plan must be developed that gives an effective solution to this management problem which also foresees future possibilities for the business organization. In developing the business plan of the business organization, the management must likewise incorporate the social responsibility and the impact of the business operation towards the society they are involved with and the market they are targeting.

Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

In the ideal nature of social management and business organization, each group is basically involved in their respective social environment in which are they are operating. As such, it is likewise important for the business organization to be involved in their social environment and participate in the pursuit of developing it.

This idealism is rooted on the  social responsibility and the ideal economic operation of the group of which they likewise benefit with. As the business organization conduct their business operation and basically outsource their resources from their respective social environment, it is indeed ideal and ethical for them to exert efforts and resources towards the development of the latter for which they can likewise benefit also.

Channeling interest and plans towards the participation of the business organization to their respective social environment is likewise important in the economic progress of the group. Being part of the said social environment, most of the resources crucial to the operation of the business organization are basically outsource from the society they operate with.

Participating on the attempt of initializing progressive development  for the latter can result to economic benefits. Through developing their social environment, the business organization can gain better resources leading to the effectiveness of their marketing operation. As such, including the development of their social environment in the business plan of the organization can be beneficial for the economic interest of the group.

In this aspect, consider the management plan of the business organization operating in the island of Kava wherein they wish to expand their market presence and social involvement through implementing progressive projects for both interest. In the process of developing an effective plan, the management must critically consider the needs in their social environment, the current condition and situation in their vicinity, the extent of interest of the group, and the progress vision they wish to promote.

Analyzing the situation in the island of Kava, several problems and critical issues are significantly presence in the said area which must be addressed to achieve effective progress in the said social environment. Among these critical problems is the presence of detrimental environmental condition, the lack of social support programs and organizations, social problems, health problems, presence of critical threat to health and the environment, and others. Indeed, to achieve a success in this mission of promoting development in the said social environment, the organization’s mission should strategically consider the most effective and efficient path towards the said vision.

For the development of a successful plan for the mission of active participation towards the progressive growth in the social environment in the Kava Island, the involved business organization must determine a project that prioritizes their vision and interest for their target. Considering the situation and condition in the island of Kava, it is likely the critical points to focus on are the social condition and implementing environmental support in the said location.

Determined from the summarized report derived from the briefing prior to the organizational planning, two important points to consider are the plan for the people and the plan for the environment. From this assumption, the organization’s marketing and strategic approach will be developed towards effectively and efficiently achieving the reality of this vision.

The people in each social environment manifest to be the very fundamental element in this aspect wherein the situation, condition, and nature of the society reflect the development and the progress of the said group. Involved in the said social environment as a business organization striving for economic interest, it is significantly beneficial for the said organization to consider channeling resources as part of their development assistance towards their social environment.

Indeed, existing as a group that use rely on this society for their human resource needs, the business organization must consider being part of the mission of achieving the reality of their progressive interest. In the realization of this mission, several campaigns and projects are necessary to achieve this interest such as developing youth-oriented programs, skill-development trainings, and educational-assistance campaign.

Establishing these particular programs can lead to skill and competency development in the involved social environment from which the business organization can likewise benefit through implementing a relationship exchange between the two parties outlining a service result in the business operation. In addition, programs for health interest should also be established wherein the organization will focus on assisting the people towards health concern.

This aspect includes health-education programs, subsidies in building critical health facilities, and contributing monetary resources for the current health programs in the area. From these campaigns, the business organization can gain competent and skillful workers and employees in their operation while developing their identity and presence in their social environment as an institution sharing the same ideal social interest.

Another sizeable investment plan of the organization which is benefit to both the interest of the two involved parties is channeling development interest to the environmental condition in the island of Kava. This mission includes providing critical infrastructure that will enhance this interest such as recycling plant for pollution control program, training campaign for handling environmental threats, involvement in relief operations, and other disaster management projects such as scientific facilities particularly for environmental emergencies.

These mission is beneficial for the organization on two particular approach namely on preserving the tangible resources and investment of the business present on their geological environment and likewise in their ethical participation to the interest of their social environment. Considering these benefits, it is indeed necessary and advantageous for the business organization to participate in the campaign program for the effective satisfaction of the communal interest of the two parties.

The mission of investing on the ethical relationship of the business organization in the respective social environment they  are involved with is often viewed insignificant to the interest of the group likely due to the unrealizable economic value of this pursuit. However, considering the value and significance of this pursuit on its long-course run will also show that involvement on this concern has its own advantages for both the business organization and the involved social environment.

The concern of participating in interest of achieving progress for the society is indeed an advantageous concept for the business organization from which they can benefit in terms of their market operation and from its contribution towards the ideal identity of the organization in their social environmental. Indeed, the business organization being the economic vehicle in the society has the potential and capability to make a progressive change in the society for the benefit of both. This is relatively part of the ethical mission and vision of the organization to become an organization that considers the condition and interest of the people.


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