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City development is ever followed by building and devastation. New modern edifices replace rather a figure of historical edifices. Although modernist architecture has values in modern-day society, the old architecture has a batch of historical and cultural value that can ne’er replace by the intelligence. Some metropolis developers believe replacing is the best manner to force up the velocity of metropolis developing advancement, but is this the lone manner to develop a metropolis? This essay will seek to research the value of historical and modern architecture in modern-day society, analyse the fact of urban development through devastation and building, how globalization impact on local civilization and discourse the value of saving and preservation of historical architecture. The article will besides seek to happen a better solution for modern-day metropolis development.

2. Analysis

2.1. The value of historical architecture in modern society

Architecture has become our home ground and a go-between between nature and human civilisation. Accompany by human society development, architecture has their changing, and development.

Adding Value Into Historical Architecture Cultural... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

2.1.1 Historical and regional value

Derive from the different societal formation and historical civilization, architecture has obvious and blinding historical and regional differentiation. One of designation of historical architecture is the significance behind the architectural elements in the edifice. They are possibly a name, a period of history, or a symbol, even characteristic functions to play in the larger composing in that it occurs. These differentiations gave the edifice their historical value. For case, Gothic architecture is known for the usage of ogival or pointed arch, the ribbed vault, and the winging buttress ( Harvey, 1950 ) . Compare to Renaissance architecture, which has the semi-circular or segmental arches, the symmetrical column order system and the level or coffered ceilings. These are the differentiation of historical architectures. The historical value of them is differences. Differences between epochs or faiths give different architectural formation. And linking these differences, they become a advancement of transmutation of the architecture, the society, and the aesthetic criterions of different epochs and faiths. All these differences are act uponing modern-day society and architecture signifier and manner ; they are mentions of modern-day architecture design, and even the mentions of modern-day society life. Let people cognize by, and acknowledge the beauty of yesteryear, are the historical value of old architecture.

Figure 2.1.1-1 Figure 2.1.1-2

2.1.2 Religious Value

Historical architecture in nowadays society is reflecting the life style of people in the epoch that this edifice had been built. Knowing the life style of the past and influence modern-day universe ‘s life style, historical architectures have another religious value. One of the most persuasive instances is Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, which had been started building in 1883, but still uncomplete and under building now. Architects and interior decorators care about any small construction and small item of the whole architecture. The interior decorator: Antoni Gaudi gave up about all his other undertakings so that he can concentrate on the design and building of Sagrada Familia, and his last 40 old ages life were about spent into it. Peoples can pass whole life to build architecture, and the architecture even becomes the heritage of the metropolis life. It is reflecting how people hold on to perfectism, and these perfectism are dateless and invaluable ( Jane, 1976 ) .

Figure 2.1.1-3 Figure 2.1.1-4

The Sagrada Familia Church will hold three expansive frontages which all are metaphors: the Nativity facade to the E that dedicated to the birth of Jesus, the to the West that dedicated to the agony of Jesus during his crucifixion, and the to the South that dedicated to the Celestial Glory of Jesus. All the elements are meaningful, connoting thoughts or antilogies of designers, reflecting the continuity of people ‘s spirit aspiration. This is the religious value of the historical architecture.

Figure 2.1.1-5 Figure 2.1.1-6 Figure 2.1.1-7

2.2 Value of modern architecture

Compare to the historical architecture, the modern architecture has different value. The quality of the infinite is one of the most of import values that modern architecture and interior give people.

2.2.1 Spatial quality of modern architecture

The definition of spacial qualities is in two beds: the physical spacial quality and the psychological spacial quality. Dimension is the first component that defines the physical spacial quality of modern-day infinites. Different from attaching importance to the composing and proportion of the infinite and the architectural elements in traditional architecture, modern architecture is more focussed on the dimension. The ground is, dimension describes what will the infinite can be, what function the infinite should go, it defined the basic position of a infinite, and map is an of import and sensitive issue in footings of planing and building a infinite in modern-day society. On the other manus, dimension is besides specifying the quality of map. The volume of a warehouse defined how many stock of goods can be store, it defined the value of this warehouse ; the breadth of a corridor defined the traffic load that it can attempt, it defined the value of this corridor, excessively. Houses with different sizes defined the different spacial experiences of people in them, the size of the house besides defined portion of the value of this house. It ‘s no uncertainty that spacial quality is defined by different constituents, but dimension as a basic position that give a infinite to modern infinite ; it is a really of import component. Material is another component defines the physical spacial quality of modern architecture. For illustration, a room covered by glass wall would hold a higher room temperature because of the physical belongings of the glass stuff. Material gives infinite different belongingss of temperature, coefficient of reflection, tactual sensation and room life experiences. They are specifying the quality of the infinite. Different from simplex stuffs in traditional architecture, modern architecture have the assortment of taking stuffs which are natural stuffs and unreal stuffs.

Figure 2.2.1-1 Figure 2.2.1-2

Physical spacial quality could n’t be isolated from psychological spacial quality to specify the value of the infinite. The physical elements are act uponing the feeling and the experience of people utilizing the infinite. Colour is one of them. In the same room, cool tone of colorss will do people in this topographic point the feeling of composure, in the same clip, because of the belongingss of the tone of coloring material ; people will experience that the infinite is bigger than the existent size. In the other manus, warm tone of colorss would give people a feeling of exuberance, when have a psychotic belief that the room is more crowd than the existent size. Colorss can impact users ‘ emotion in the infinite and the psychological knowledge of the dimension in the infinite. And these influences change the experience of the infinite, so that define the quality of the infinite. These belongingss are really of import in modern infinite particularly residential infinite for specifying the value of the infinite. Lighting alterations the experience of people utilizing the infinite psychologically, excessively. After electricity is discovered and electric visible radiation is invented, unreal lighting became more and more of import around homo ‘s life. In modern-day society, illuming is non merely functional, but besides deliberately used by doing different atmosphere to heighten the quality of the infinite. Colours of visible radiation, strengths of light, different types of visible radiation are all specifying different experiences of infinite. Lighting is one of the most of import elements in modern architecture.

Figure 2.2.1-3 Figure 2.2.1-4

Physical and psychological elements of infinite influence the quality of modern architectures, they change the experiences of people in these infinite. They make the comfort, heighten the ambiance, and make people ‘s life better. These are the value of quality of infinite in modern architecture.

2.2.2 Cultural and civilisation value

If traditional infinite is a metaphorical solid organic structure bounded and governed by Euclidean geometry and a hierarchy of axes, modernist infinite is the opposite- a fluid, traveling force, making the seductive semblance of infiniteness, freedom, and velocity. Modernist infinite is non a organic structure ; it is a null typically conceived as widening boundlessly in all waies, and its indispensable features are neutrality and endlessness. ( Semes, 2009, p94 ) The construct of traditional architecture was ever begun from narrative, myths, fables ; they are full of idiographic symbolism. They are reflecting the relational civilization and the history. Traditional architectures are ever localised. But modern architectures are different. The construct of modern architecture often originates in the objects, elements or phenomena, even behavior around human life. Extract the forte or characteristic from these elements, and abstract into an architectural or mathematical formation, hole with context and map to make. They are non limited by civilization or faith sometimes, they are globalised. Because of the development of globalisation, the fortes of modern architecture become more and more obvious. The modern architecture represents the modern-day civilisation ; it is the contemplation of modern-day human life. It implies designers and interior interior decorators ‘ apprehension of infinite. They besides have the unreplaceable cultural value.

2.3 Fact of modern-day urban development

World development ne’er stops ; it ever follows the exchange of old and new, and the cultural diffusion, or even cultural aggression. All these issue would ensue the irreversible passage of society formation. In modern-day society, there are a big figure of metropoliss are confronting several issues.

2.3.1 Destruction & A ; Reconstruction

Tonss of historical edifices were destroyed by the advancement of urban development in some metropoliss. When people are surrounded by apathetic metal buildings and express main road, when they are walking in Shenzhen- 1 of a large metropolis in southeast China, who could conceive of Shenzhen used to be an intimate small metropolis which was full of old and historical edifices in 1980s? There is about no more old edifices can be seen in presents Shenzhen business district. In order to follow the development of the metropolis, metropolis developers about destroyed the whole metropolis, and replaced by all new high-rise edifices. The metropolis have lost the feature that derive from the historical and regional elements in the traditional architecture, it become merely one of the same-look metropolis all around the universe. The devastation and building urban developing system is forcing one and other metropolis from a alone symbol of the civilization into a planetary modular metropolis.

2.3.2 Globalization impact

Globalization is altering people ‘s life, and giving a strong impact to the local architectural civilization. Followed by the modern urban development, globalisation came into people ‘s life numbly. It non merely changes the economic system of a state, or affects the sense of worth of citizens, but besides changes the local civilization including art, literature, media, architecture and interior design. Globalization comes with a figure of acknowledge derive from the other civilization or societal formation. It let people widen acknowledge and engineering from local to planetary context. Second, because of the transmutation and the integrating between local civilization and planetary civilization, people have assorted options of life style, and assorted options of infinite, excessively. But the negative influences are, the globalisation is eating the historical and regional local civilization, while diminishing the singularity of local civilization. It will diminish the value of historical architectures, so that accelerate the replacing of the traditional edifices.

2.4 Looking for a better solution of urban development

2.4.1 Preservation & A ; Conservation value

For protecting the historical architecture that people can non make them one time once more, saving & A ; preservation became an of import subject in modern-day architecture and interior design industry. The first antediluvian memorials protection act was adopted in 1882, when the modernism was get downing to destruct the historical heritage as modern developing advancement in UK. Architecture saving and preservation is non merely support the historical edifices far from the urban development to protect them, but besides seeking to give a new life to these old edifice, to allow them suit into the modern-day society. Preservation and preservation seek to protect, preserve and conserve the significances of history, allow the historical architectures still can heritage their civilization and belief in nowadays society, to protect the local civilization in a rapid of globalisation. They have great value.

2.4.2 Add modern value into historical architecture

There should be a better manner to develop a metropolis except the devastation and building system. Modern architecture has its irrefutable value, but the historical architecture is the heritage of a regional civilization ; it is the milepost of a development of the metropolis. It should n’t be wholly replaced in the advancement of urban development.

Grand Central Terminal in New York City, United States started to function at 1871, and it rebuilt at 1913 and 1994 – 2000. As landmark of New York City, it is a convincing instance of adding modern value into historical architecture. The building of Grand Central created a mini-city within New York ; it has hotel, eating house, and assorted office edifices. And the design of it was act uponing the theodolite centres in the undermentioned interior decorators as an invention of theodolite centre ‘s design.

Analyze the history of development at Grand Central Terminal, There is another solution to protect and develop the metropolis. The first measure of adding modern value into historical architecture is protection. There are a batch of things in the historical architecture we need to protect such as the characteristic of the edifice ; the past engineering of building the architecture ; the construction of the chief edifice ; the cultural symbol of the edifices, etc. All these elements are stand foring the value of historical architecture. So before adding any new component, these historical characteristics must be protected.

Followed by the protection, geographic expedition is the following measure. Explore the milieus of the architecture, to happen out the context and the potency of the edifice. Followed by the development of metropoliss, historical edifices are surrounded in the modern-day society. Depends on different countries they located, they have different potencies. The purpose of this solution is non merely to add the modern value into the historical architecture, but besides to give a new life to historical architecture, to heighten its value, to allow it function people around in a new formation. So it is really of import to happen out the possible in footings of the context and the map that the historical edifice will be.

After the geographic expedition, it is the reorganization. Reorganize the infinite in the old edifice and around the edifice, in order to heighten the spacial quality of the infinite in modern thought and design. Because of the design construct of historical architecture, it was chiefly following a inactive spacial administration. This consequences the failing of modern spacial quality. Use the modern architectural design attack and doctrine to redesign the infinite indoors, make a dynamic spacial administration, to give the old edifice some new representation of infinite.


Architecture is an built-in portion of human lives. Development of human society is accompanied by architecture. We are populating in the modern universe, It is no uncertainty that the most closest architecture to our life is modern architecture. But we can non disregard the great cultural and religious value hidden behind historical edifices. Destroy historical architecture is like destructing the history and the civilization of a state. There is non the lone manner to develop the metropolis through devastation and Reconstruction. Peoples need societal development, need the new life and new environment. But people need acknowledge of history, and the spirit of life, excessively. Add modern value to the historical architecture, but non destruct them, give them a new life, to reflect our life.

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