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My designed advertising style for the company is one that should be utilized through wide advertisement medium, such as the internet, cable and satellite TV, local TV promos, and print media advertisement. For the TV advert: the advert should be colourful with quick clips showing men, women, children wearing the different brands of NEXT clothing product. For each of the clip the right background for each dress should reflected. For instance, cloths for children in party should show clip were a boy and a girl is putting on NEXT styled jacket for boys with NEXT shoes to match, and blouse for girls with shoes to match.

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For women on a picnic the right hat, bag, sandal, swimming pants on a seashore rightly displaying the background for the TV advert. Since NEXT posses a large range of clothing products corresponding wears and cloths to match can be worn at same time, thereby saving time, cost and space for TV adverts. For the Internet and Print and magazines adverts, the display of ranges of colourful pictures of different cloths, shoes, hats, scarves should be arranged in categories for men, women, and children. Each set of these different products be arranged to match; i. e.

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hat that goes with a shirt and trousers, with shoe to match for men should be arranged in that order for the different collections the company posses. Also, it is expedient that set of wears and cloths for different occasions are specified and grouped accordingly. CONCLUSION In contemporary time when the presence of global recession is hitting hard on the textile and clothing industry, with making firms liquidating, it thus require that company like NEXT maintain its customers patronage through quality product and expansion and growth of the organization through market development strategy.

Thus, the different marketing strategies; pricing strategy, distributive strategy, promotional strategy, sales strategy, product creation and branding strategy, among others, these are synchronize in meeting the marketing objectives of the organization. The strategic marketing and management pattern goes to reflect the structure of the organization. Thus, for NEXT to embrace a niche marketing to compete favourably in the industry it operate a continuous product development through in house research on developing innovative cloth designs and styles.

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