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In Today’s society many different mediums exist; television, radio, internet and newspapers. To stand out in such a competitive and difficult environment an advert must be eye-cathing, engaging and memorable. It must reach the people you want it to and inform them (often in a biased way leaning their opinions towards yours. ) By doing so companies and organisations hope to increase sales of a product or use of a service, or in the case that we are examining, encouraging people to join The Army. In the television advertisement the promotion is presented in a formal news programme by Lisa Aziz, a recognisable news presenter.

Also “on location” in Bosnia and at an Army Barracks are Kate Adie and Chris Seurle, Kate Adie is a very well known BBC news reporter adding to the feeling of the promotional video being reputable. At the very beginning of the video the director has used a sequence of very interesting action shots showing what you could be doing if you joined The Army and keeps a theme that The Army is different now but will be keep changing. The Video then goes on to display the good deeds that The Army does and also interviews some recruits who have experienced The Army and say only good things about it

Analysis of the Army’s Media Campaign TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

The Promotional Video is aimed at parents of recruits who might be worried about their son or daughter joining The Army. In the radio advertisement The Army is much more portrayed as an action-based organisation. It puts the listener in the position of a soldier with an anti-tank missle. It builds up tension and is aimed more at the younger generation. The T. V advert opens into a sequence of action shots; people skiing, mountian climbing and absailing and all taking place in the most exotic locations whereas the radio advertisment begins with a very energetic explosion of tension, heavy breathing and and the noise of battle both of he opening sequences provide lots of interest for the viewer or the listener.

The T. V is aimed at parents so it shows safe but exhilerating good old fun which will get their son or daughter off the streets and into a safe and secure organisation that not only would be fun for them but would make them into a better person, however the radio says to hell with that lets just all have a big fight because thats what young people want, danger and action both are interesting in different ways because of these different approaches and their diiferent target audiences. How do I love thee analysis? Much

The radio advertisement must use a very descriptive and energetic script because the radio had to paint a picture of the events inside your head in the shortest time possible obviously T. v does not have to do this because by its nature it is a visual medium and the picture is already there so the T. v is free to fill the space with a less serious script, also because the Army aren’t paying anyone per minute for this advertisment because it is just sent to whoever needs it the video can be much more long winded going over things again and a again drilling them into your head eeping the question “would you seriously advise your son or daughter to join The Army? ”

The Radio advert focuses on the technology that you will be using when you join the Army “Milan Anti-tank missle” an uses the language that a soldier on the battlefield would use “listen closely” this brings the listener into the world of the soldier helping you get the feel of where you are portraying the Army further as an action based organisation full of exitement whereas T. v uses a slower and more freindly way of speaking to people because the video is trying to set ight any fears that parents might have about the Army of “spud bashing” and bullying by sergeants, it also brings up race issues and of how the Army is trying very hard to get rid of the “old” racist ways.

The slogan “be the best” is used in both the radio and t. v advertisements but the Radio has it as a main part of the advertisement with “Army soldier be the best” shouted at the end of the advertisment followed by the sound of soldiers standing to attention this makes the listener think that if he/she was to join the army then they would be part of the best fighting unit in the world something which the interviewee in the T. V advert mentions himself but keeps it to a much lower key because parents aren’t interested so much in how trained a killing somebody their son will be, also behind Lisa Aziz is the slogan “Be the Best” which can be read by viewers this doesn’t mean be the best a fighting in this instance because it is in a defferent context here it could mean be the best you can be or, be the best person you can be i doesn’t have to be about fighting.

I think that both advertisement reach their selected audiences well because they are well tailored towards them using more harsh yet exciting language for the Radio where there will be young eople listening to it and for the parents they get a very freindly manner and a formal news production making it feel very reliable however if the question is which advertisement would be the best a getting new recruits into the Army then in my opinion by far the most affective is the Radio because it is full of action and adventure which is what recruits joining the army will be after howver i don’t think that the purpose of the promotional video is to persuade people to join the Army it is more designed to put parents fears to rest whose sons or daughters have already decided to join the Army.

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