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Are We Alone? Do you fear the unknown? Are you threatened by unsolved mysteries? Would you believe the popular “people talk” or prefer scientifically proved issues? The Stonehenge, Pyramids of Egypt and many other places still carry lots of unsolved mysteries about the way they were built and the reasons behind their presence. However, when it comes to speaking about UFOs, we are talking about unidentified flying objects wandering over our heads and threatening us directly!

The existence of UFOs is discussed by Don Berliner in his article “It Is Likely That Some UFOs Are Extraterrestrial” where he exposed evidence behind the existence of UFOs by discussing their structure and kind of witnesses seeing them, and then he moved to speak about UFOs in relation to the U. S military. Don Berliner, the author of the text, is chairman of the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR) which is a non-profit organization. This makes him seeking the truth behind UFOs instead of doing all his work to create a propaganda and gain profits. He wrote many books about aviation history and sports aviation.


Thus he possesses an enriched knowledge about the topic of aviation like some technical skills of flying, kinds of planes manufactured…etc. The article was first written in 2002 and then republished in 2006 which shows its popularity among readers; in the end the existence of ghosts is still under question. The article summarizes the evidence for the existence of UFOs. Berliner starts by highlighting the conflict between those who would accept their existence convinced by “comparable material” reported from experienced observers, and others who won’t accept it because they only believe what is proved by science.

Most reports were made by airline and military pilots who had the training and experience to distinguish between normal and abnormal sky sights. The shapes they saw during daytime were described as spherical and cylindrical which are not only non-existent among known aircrafts, but also provide a poor performance while flying. Those UFOs seem to fly independent from air which as Berliner says is one of the major unaccomplished goals of the world’s aerospace industry. Yet maybe they are manufactured secretly. If such act was done by a friendly nation to the U. S, then the U.

S military air force would buy it under a license. If it was done by an unfriendly nation, then a great risk of starting a war would exist because such nation is sending crafts to fly over the U. S without permission. However, in a world messed up with wars and the desire of countries to enlarge their territories such a technological aircraft would be a superior weapon to win battles quickly, so the manufacturing company would have given it to its army. Thus it may be alien. The author puts a probability for the existence of a technological life on another planet that is curious like we are to discover life outer space.

The writer’s writing style was a strategy of three steps: mentioning the situation recorded, interpreting it and then reaching a conclusion which turns to be a building block for the next discussion. This helps the reader move smoothly from one idea to another and provides a strong, coherent article. Yet the information provided was not that accurate. He did not use statistical figures but used the results reported from qualified witnesses which are acceptable to those convinced by “comparable material”. One important response to this article is how biased it appeared towards the U.

S having the privilege of knowing what is going around in world. He considered aircrafts being “foreign” as compared to the U. S knowing about them or not. He talked about the conflict people have when it comes to believing his evidence but the discussion turned out to be concerning power and control the U. S has over other countries. Thus it is no more about belief rather than the discourse of power the U. S has. Another less important issue is related to the contradiction present when he spoke about technology.

He talked about how highly technological UFOs are; however, previously he said that UFOs’ shapes provide a poor performance and control while flying. Eventually those manufacturing such superior aircrafts know well the advantages such shapes provide. He also mentioned that most sightings of UFOs were reported by people who work in the field of aviation. So could a psychological reason stand behind those seeing UFOs are the same as those working in aviation field? He could have mentioned observations recorded in countries other than the U. S. UFOs are a global mystery. Yet, maybe he intended to address the

American audience because he finds their culture susceptible to believe the information provided. In the end, each person may find in the existence of UFOs a different impact such as fear, threat, curiousness, and sometimes indifference. It depends on where we place ourselves in the conflict of believing or not believing. The existence of UFOs is still not proved so no one can judge the validity of discussions related to this topic and reach a final correct conclusion. That’s why we should deal with such issue in a serious and objective way until this mystery is clarified.

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