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There are many things out there to write articles about. No matter what your reason for writing or what your niche or subject matter, you can write about your life. Even if you think you live the most boring life around, there are things in your life which will make great article subject matter. There are experiences that you have which are unique to you and you alone.

Your unique experiences on life and the things that happen in your life are what you can use to write excellent articles. No one else can write exactly like you. No one else will experience the things that you have in the same way that you have. Even if another person has went through the exact same thing as you, they won’t experience it the same way because you are two, different, unique individuals.


This is why writing about your life can be useful and helpful. There are things you may have learned or discovered through your experiences that can help someone else. Or maybe you have a different outlook on it than the average person or some unique perspective that you can add.

This is how writing about your life can bring you more traffic and more money. There are people out there looking for advice, for guidance, for tips to their own problems or just to share your experiences. When you learn to write about your life with passion and knowledge, they will relate to this and even flock to this.

When you create excellent articles based on your life or life experiences, you can drive more traffic to your sites or to your articles to read them. You can also earn more money on articles you are writing to sell. Websites and magazines love to purchase well written articles about life. It’s something that nearly everyone can relate to so the market for it is high.

Remember when writing about your life to use your own natural voice. Maybe you are inspirational, maybe you are humorous or maybe you have a bit of a cynical touch to your writing. Whatever is natural to you will shine through when you write naturally and don’t try to force a voice to your writing that isn’t right for you.

With these tips, you can learn to write about your life in a way that will bring you more views and also make it easier for you to write. You will discover more topics than ever before and you will be able to write with ease because it’s something you know a lot about.

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