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            I want to attend a graduate in business as life today is all about business. Our day to day lives involve business activities. Rarely can a family survive without any involvement in business activities. Business therefore has become a basic need. Studying business is all about an individual’s will. You look at want you want to achieve and where you will be in future, one has to understand the experience he has and what he wants to add to provide relevant skills that can assist in achieving pre-determined business study objectives whether by taking a certificate course, attending seminars and business conferences or taking a degree course.

            By attending graduate school I will be equipped with skills that will enable me to see a company’s problems in a different way and be able to provide amicable solutions. I will effectively become involved in a Company’s Strategic Planning and such business knowledge can guide me in discussions on business sustainability. I will have the ability to create approaches to run variety of businesses including an approach on how to solve problems, and decision making skills. I will also learn to appreciate effects of economic and external changes and lay strategies to counter such economic issues. I will become equipped with a systematic approach to business skills that involves the implementation of new business models.  I will also be involved in resource and knowledge transfer from theory to practical application. Business school will open avenues to international business by gaining knowledge on international business trends and culture (Gibbert et al 2005, 227).

Attending Graduate School in Business TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

            A course in business will make me innovative and gives me a wide knowledge on how the commercial world operates. It will help me develop a linking knowledge which gives a strong foundation to work in any industry; by equipping you with transferable skills that employers want. Commercial awareness is a basic need to recruits who can contribute towards achieving company’s goals quickly. Graduating in business skills will enable me to understand organizational structures and the behavior within and outside the organization. Attending graduate in business will be an opening to many career options and I can work in all industries even in broadcast stations. “Business graduates have been particularly successful in engineering industry, – that is, stronghold of engineers” (Amdam 2006, 200). Each business organization has several departments, and I will have a variety of areas to venture into. Business graduates have a chance to get employment, in that; their skills are applied to business working life (Bolton-Lewis et al 2006, 99). When you look at the future challenges and job opportunities one must attend graduate school and be well equipped. Human resource managers grill an individual and they look for that extra skill you have acquired. In the past one could get a job with a certificate but currently you must have a masters degree to stand a better chance (Peterson 2005, 3).

            Attending graduate in business will enable me to grow and develop professionally. Most people do masters after they have worked and others do it while working. Such students have experienced the world of business or the world of employment. Adding extra skills to the work experience you have can make you develop professional by enriching your career with other relevant skills. You can open your eye and rightfully chose between enriching your career that will lead you to the intended success and it also gives you a chance for updating your skills.

            Work confidence is earned when one has additional skills. In the whole world, business organizations are competing and they all want to make profits to outdo their competitors, through the services they offer and how well the services satisfy their customers. such competitive situations demand extra knowledge to survive in the business world, therefore individuals with such extra skills will be preferred and incase the sword of sacking is brought down to retrench as a way of company’s survival during harsh economic times, those with Masters in Business Administration (MBA) will be spared on the grounds of their advanced skills, therefore job confidence is acquired. this knowledge is what motivates me to attend a business college.

            Equipped with graduate business skills, one sells like a hot cake to any organization for management position. In such positions one is paid more than those in staff position. Companies are increasingly making MBA a pre- condition for employment, thus the graduates demand is high, and by achieving such high academic heights you will be paid well. Also one gets an opportunity to develop his or her career along one line. By earning masters in business administration I will specialize in an area of my choice. Eventually, I will narrow my focus point thereby becoming an expert in such lines for example I may specialize and become an expert in auditing. Such specialization adds skills on top of the general business skills. For example if one is an assistant accountant and aspires to be the chief accountant and a requirement is a masters degree, then one can take an MBA  with concentration on accounting and that will place me at a better position in the job market.

            Going through a graduate school and earning an MBA will open ways for greater opportunities. Some positions cannot be won without specific skills, such positions become reachable with MBA package. Business graduate skills will act like a vehicle that will ease penetration to very important top management careers. It also links an individual to opportunities elsewhere that are related and one stands a chance of beating competitors due to his or her extra package.  A graduate school in business will help me expand my networks. Success is about linking one another to share ideas and to source new ideas. By attending such a school I will be able to link with several people in different positions from different places with different business lifestyles. Graduate colleagues, professors, administrators will all be a great resource for me in the world of business. Such graduate schools offer an opportunity to assess your own framework of support and you can have a contact system to ensure that you develop solid business relationships.

            The courses for graduate in business schools are properly designed to enable people fit the job market. Too, they prepare you for self employment and you are encouraged to private ventures basing on the knowledge and ability gained (Fenton & Natale 2000, 115). The knowledge gained will enable me to show leadership and manage your own business. I will learn to be self -reliant as well as to manage time and resources properly in order to excel. Moreover I will also learn to persevere and adjust in life and by acquiring analytical skills and critical thinking and evaluation skills.

            In conclusion, attending graduate in business school program will be beneficial to me in this business super highway world. Everybody is clamoring for business excellence; thereby need to be well equipped with relevant and current business skills to match the business demands.


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