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“Based on your accomplishments, experiences, and goals, tell us why you want to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree at Ross School of Business and how all that you describe will contribute to your success in the program”.

We all have our own story to tell. Whether it is success or failure, in life it does not really matter how many accomplishment you got but instead if you really learned your lessons hard. That I may fail five times and accomplish only one and in return learned a thousand times so as not to fail again. Since life is a learning process, when you really know what  to do with your life.  Knowing what is best for me is my greatest accomplishment, there is no way for me to predict who I will be in the future. And the only thing I know is, I must have a degree from a school I could be proud of.

Bachelor of Business Administration TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

To have a goal must be the very first thing an individual like me to be able to determine and what is it exactly. Making a decision, where you will spend your time and resources must not be taken for granted. And knowing exactly what degree to pursue is a delicate matter. It is like choosing among the women you will marry and have the best expectations from her. The kind of a degree of which, you will be identified as a professional…with a certain task and responsibility in our society.

Now, when I have already made-up my mind. I wish to be a part of Ross School of Business. Being aware that without discipline and hard work, success is impossible, be it in school or outside. This is the school I choose and I wish to be identified with this school, who will hopefully grant me the degree of which I will use to pursue my goals in life. One way or another, to be my tools to go through with life both in success and failure.

I heard that, it is in school where the best things in life will happen. Something that you will never forget. For it will be your story to tell anyone. Students have their own stories….whatever it is, when the time comes and hopefully I will graduate, it will be a part of my memories.

And while I’m here what will I expect from this school and in return what will I contribute to the program. I expect the best training here and will soon be proud of this school. Anybody could contribute something, no matter how small or big it is. As long as my heart is here and try my best to be an asset. Though, there are so many things that I cannot anticipate and the only thing I can say is, as much as possible I will try to contribute something. Of which, being cooperative and supportive of the programs as a sign of my willingness to learn.

Though, there is no other means I could mention what will be my specific contribution, because it has something to do with the future. And I am still to be admitted yet. And I hope you already perceived what kind of a person am I. As I learn in life, it is the attitudes which matters first and his contributions will just vary accordingly. A person with a positive attitude must be able to do something then.

Getting-in and being admitted is another thing and when you will be inside and become a part of the program is another thing. So as, a lot has to be seen in action than merely talking. As for me, I am already sure of what will I do with my life, and be responsible for it. Because I know for certain that, I could contribute something, and whatever it is, first I must be given a chance and show you my worth.

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