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What does optimism intend? Basically. it means concentrating on the positive facets of life. I consider myself to be an optimist because I ever hope and expect events and programs. and everything environing me to turn out good. and that I look with a smiling. positive attitude on the hereafter.

I’m perfectly certain that being optimistic is a batch better than being pessimistic. In my sentiment. pessimism is black. It ruins hope and possibilities. If a individual is pessimistic. he doesn’t hope for a better hereafter and doesn’t anything towards accomplishing his end.

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When the pessimistic individual brushs obstructions along the manner. they seem tremendous to him. and he doubts his ability and is hence unwilling to get the better of them. In the long tally. he will merely remain where he is. and won’t do any advancement in his life. Peoples can blow old ages. even their whole lives. because of pessimism. ( Latumahina. 2007 ) .

Sing merely the negative facets of any state of affairs can do the individual to lose chances. neglect jobs that need to be solved. and fail to take action that would otherwise better his relationships and quality of life.

I besides think that it is impossible for a individual to hold a wholly smooth and happy life ; he will ever confront troubles. defeats and dissatisfactions in his life. When meeting defeat. if one can maintain an optimistic. confident and open-minded mentality. like myself. he will be able to alter an ordinary. deadening life into a rich one full of bright and positive emotions. a hard life into a relaxed one and even the agony into beautiful and cherished experiences.

Bing optimistic doesn’t mean waiting for things to go on by themselves. It means anticipating the best. believing that the best will go on. but at the same clip devising determinations. following them. moving and doing things happen.

From my personal experience I can give you some advice why being an optimist is ever better than being a pessimist. I’m perfectly certain that optimism keeps you motivated and energetic. prosecuting what you want with aspiration. assurance and felicity. Optimism helps you concentrate on your vision. and makes everyday a happy twenty-four hours. ( Sasson. 2008 ) .

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