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It shows that humans need a viable roadmap in life and a set of philosophy to back their endeavor with confidence and joy. The leaders should be aware of this and thus formulate their action plans according to the nature of the needs of their followers, where they would be able to provide an attractive set of philosophy to their followers, which would support their journey both morally and intellectually. Such an action plan, for example may include following actions of the leaders: 1. Motivating in learning skills and tactics of the trade. 2. Helping to be innovative in thinking and execution.

3. Guiding in decision-making while at work. 4. Inspiring to take charge at any given moment. 5. Guarding against provocations of applying short-cut method to achieve the desired goal. 6. Instilling rock-solid resolution about giving 100% to the team. 7. Finally, helping in successfully leading one’s own life and attaining all the need levels. 8. Helping others to be innovative in thinking and execution. 9. Earning confidence from the followers and maintaining a respectable position among them. 10. Instilling confidence among boys regarding their decision to pursue football.

Brief Concepts of Leadership TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Safeguarding them from external provocations. 12. Instilling the sense of securing their future. 13. Orchestrating the actions of the boys on and off the field. 14. Securing own future as a quality coach. Here the leaders are emerging as coaches, where their roles clearly show that they too need quality training to fulfill the demand of their roles, that promise such a long list of benefits. However, another question comes up at this point – that benefits promised by leadership can be attained only if the leadership model proves appropriate for the business environment and the cumulative need structure of the followers.

This necessitates the discussion on the concepts of leadership and current business environment. Brief Concepts of Leadership Leadership needs application of certain knowledge and skills characterized by the confidence of the leaders. There are several models of leadership that are being practiced in different areas of operation. However, there are some qualities that are counted as essential components of leadership, like the ones mentioned below: Effective Communication One of the key components of leadership is the ability to communicate effectively.

Leaders must be able to put the message across to the target audience to bring out the desired feedback from them (Leadership, 2008). Vision Vision is the essential tool for the leader to see the big picture as well as to identify and utilize all the necessary elements to drive home the desired result. For example, in an organization, its leadership should identify the potentials of each of its members and determine the best possible roles for each of them, before culminating each individual workforce into a synchronized approach to achieve the desired target of the organization.

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