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It was my interest in business and management that pushed me in planning to take economics as my major. My application in the University of California, one of the finest research universities in the world, would give me the chance to fully engage myself in the interest that I really like. Money, transactions, business analysis and management are some things I truly want to get involved with. I see a good financial analyst in me, someone very knowledgeable in government policies and a credible business consultant of private business firms.

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I can only reach these desires if I can get the right knowledge, experience and training to know the flow of business, the market, and the economy itself. Who knows, I can be the best financial analyst in Indonesia. And studying a degree course in economics is my first step. This interest of mine started when I took minor subjects in economics during my younger years in studying. And during those times I became fond of things like currency, economic performance, foreign exchange rate, income and investment.

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I realized that this field tackles a wide range of topics lot and I find them interesting to observe, analyze, and examine especially if it will involve the economy of my own country Indonesia, who’s market is starting grew bigger every year. In the development of my interest, one of the things I find appealing about economics as a degree is its potential to teach somebody to operate people and the society all at the same time and this task is very hard. As I grow old, managing people and money became my forte, I used to slot in small businesses with my classmates in school.

We do few fund raising activities for school related events and I usually get the position of the financial head. Whenever an activity is planned, I make sure the financial committee works and I see my people doing the job themselves. I make sure I direct the task to them. On money matters, I think of ideas to increase finance and strategies in manipulating our small business transactions. Because of these I have experienced conducting analysis on financial papers in school. Also, if time permits me too, I attend seminars and symposia with topics related to management, business, money, economic performances and more.

During the times when I was studying my minor economics subject, I find it challenging to solve problems in some exercises given to us. With all these activities, I gained familiarity in the flow of economics. The best part all throughout the learning phase are the skills I was able to develop in managing and organizing. Taking my character into account, I can honestly say that I am fast learner and I’m very eager to learn. I am not afraid to take risks and planning and organizing is very important to me. Out of boastful actions, I am very good in manipulating things.

I know how to allot things successfully and to pay attention to what seems to be most important and prioritized. . I think investigative and decisively to resolve problems. In relation, since I got experience in managing people, I can easily know behaviors at work and how their attitudes inside their workplace. This is my talent, making actions effective and efficient. For me, everything must be useful yet proficient. I have proved myself to my colleagues and partners in business activities in school. The qualities I have stated have brought me in applying to the University of California.

I personally believe that my experience is already a good step to a disciplined, systematic and coherent learning and understanding about economics that I think I can only get it from the university. University of California is the best place to harness this initial investment in the field I choose. Like everybody, I carefully plan my future because this is so important for me. Actually, besides from interest, one of the factors I considered in choosing economics is the fact that economists are needed in decent high paying jobs. I’d like to work in the government and the academe and most especially in the business world.

I know I am equipped with traits that qualify me in entering this course. But besides the talents, qualities and experiences I stated in this paper, I would also want to utter my motivation in my decision to apply for the course and in the University of California. Well, I have a dream and a vision to make for myself. Again, I am willing to work in the academe and the government because of these reasons: I want to help in the government of Indonesia. If after studying, the government offered me to become an economic adviser, I would accept it.

And since University of California is popular for its best researches, I would want to plan a good economic research and analysis for my country. on the other hand, if I will go the academe field, I would choose to teach economics to high school students so they will realize how important the role of economics play in the future of our country. And on top of my chosen field, I would really want to get involved in the businesses sector. I saw the importance of economists in search for effective plans, efficient estimations and best financial decisions in the market.

I love to study and explore a lot of things. I am very eager to learn and I am diligent in any task assigned to me. That was my best quality I can say. Research is not a hard task for me. Analyzing what tickles my interest was my hobby. I am willing to wait and I am patient in my work. I think, these qualities have brought me in the idea of planning to enter University of California. UC is famous for its successful researches and it will be a dream for me if I would be given a chance to develop this interest I have and to discover something I know I can help others.

I know that economists are patient and diligent in work. Also, I am a person strict with deadline that makes me very persistent towards work. Academically speaking, numbers are not my waterloo. I perceive mathematics and statistics as good interesting subjects. On experience, I have doe a lot of data gathering, interviews, surveys and writing reports. I also try to read books related to economics to supplement even for a short while my interest. I read the newspaper to forecast the country’s economic performance.

This alone serves as small training for me. And I have good communication skills both in oral and written. Lastly, above all the reasons that I have stated, the most important thing that I have is that I am interested in this field and I am very enthusiastic about economics. I believe that my skills in communication, research and numeracy can be developed in the University of California.


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