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Response to Martin:

Identified as a system of Christian health care sharing, the Samaritan Ministries aim to provide for the medical needs of their members without relying on existing insurance policies (Samaritan Ministries, 2010). It appears that selfless giving is the concept from which each member of this ministry exemplify. However, regardless of its noble intentions, I must agree with Martin’s post when he said that it is impossible for Samaritan ministries to operate on a large-scale basis at present due to industrial technicalities. Furthermore, not all Americans have the ability to qualify on the membership requirements of this organization. Hence, Samaritan Ministries does work under the teachings of the Holy Bible and provides an alternative option for Christians who wish to offer help to their needy neighbors.

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Response to Jonathan:

I think Jonathan has totally misunderstood the working principles of the Samaritan Ministries. Any organization requires it members to pay membership and annual fee so as to provide for the organization’s technical needs. However, one can understand from the website that members of the Samaritan Ministries are not obliged to pay definite amount of money for the needs of their co-members. Each member is made aware of the needs of their co-members through a newsletter and the amount that a member will give to his needy neighbor, from which he was assigned to, is solely based on the judgment of the person. In effect, members are not forced givers but are actually people who wish nothing but to offer help through financial ways. I am not a member of the organization but I believe that we should welcome these kind of innovative methods of addressing our growing problem on health care insurance.


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