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In this paper, the writer is going to provide an analysis of Vanity Fair Corporation. An American company doing substantial business worldwide, this company is in the apparel and clothing industry. It is currently a leader in the industry with focus on products dealing with jeanswear, intimate apparel, daypacks and workwear. It’s leading brands is much recognizable not only in the United States but also overseas. These brands include Wrangler, Lee, The North Face, Kipling, Nautica, Jansport, Lee Sport and Eastpak just to name a few.

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(VF Corporation) It is currently listed in the New York Stock Exchange under the stock code: VFC. This paper will analyze the business plan of Vanity Fair Corporation and compare it to its competitors. It will focus on two main areas: The Company’s Business Environment and the Company’s Business Strategy. For the Business Environment, analysis will be subdivided into the political environment and the economic environment surrounding the company.

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The political environment focuses on the legal issues, intellectual property rights issues and trade barriers that impact the firm’s operations and products. It will also focus on the cultural and ethical issues in the environment that impact the firm’s strategy. The economic environment focuses on the macroeconomic variables such as the prevailing interest rates, foreign exchange rates and its impact on the firms business strategy. For the Business Strategy, analysis will be subdivided into five parts.

First, the overall business strategy of the company will be identified. Second, the human resource management policy would be identified and related to the business strategy. Third, the firms Marketing Mix will be presented. To do this, the paper will identify the product, price, place and promotion of the company. (Bangs 1998) Fourth, the competition will be analyzed and compared with the company. Fifth and last, the writer would be discussing the preferred mode of entry by the company into foreign markets.

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