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1. Makes sure the production plan is being followed. 2. Maintains quality and standards of the product 3. Monitors the timescale it will cover. If the planning is not carefully coordinated the production could slow down or even stop. The company will lose money if workers and equipment are left due to the raw materials not arriving on time. Physical resources and labour are the largest costs a manufacturing firm has. If they are not used efficiently, the firm can lose money quickly. The quality control department carries out inspections where random samples of the chocolates are tested to ensure the standards are met.

Batch Production is a way of creating items in bulk. In batch production, general-purpose equipment and methods are commonly used to produce small quantities of items that will be made and sold for a limited time only. Usually a similar design and process will be used to make a new product, the Cadbury snowflake is a good example of this because the mixed the flake with dream. In batch production specialized tools or items for construction purposes are created to make the products. Batch production is also used commonly in food and packaging.


There are many different roles within operations there are; Development manager = Develop new products and improve existing products. Team leader = In charge of how they work in the manufacturing side of it. Plant manager = In charge of the plant in charge of the quality of the products. Senior production manager= he/she controls the amount of overseas production and selling of the product or service. Supervisor= they are usually in charge of the people working there and the machines there they look after the work that they are doing making sure that is up to standards.

Quality control manager= looks at the quality of the chocolates when they are produced. People who work there. This is an example of a real working person for Cadbury Schweppes. Javier Arriola Sales “It’s a great place to work as you can really see and experience success” Location: Cadbury Stani, Argentina Current Role: South American Commercial Director “I joined in 1997 as marketing manager after four years in senior roles at Penaflor, a large Argentinian beverages group. In 1998 I was promoted to Sales Director and board member. More recently, I was given the additional responsibility for sales across South America. My main goal is to achieve our sales objectives in a market that’s like a roller coaster.

“Cadbury Stani is a challenging company. I feel I really fit with the culture of the company and share the same goals. In all of my roles, I’ve behaved as if I was running my own business, therefore I try to maximise return on investment and deliver against a plan. I feel aligned with the company’s objectives. “Our culture is results orientated, with clear objectives focused on profit and assets efficiency. The Argentine market is going through a severe recession; this requires management to be highly adaptable, to read trends early and react aggressively to achieve challenging targets. So we’re an agile, committed team that evolves positively due to an open door culture and close alignment between all members. It’s a great place to work as you can really see and experience success.

“What I enjoy most is the challenges I face every day due to changing environments and market conditions – the ‘mind speed’, creativity and innovation required to solve different issues that emerge every day. “My favourite product? Beldent sugarless chewing gum.” “I joined the company as a management trainee in 1990. Previously, and after graduating with BSc in Management and Accounting, I’d spent a year as a clearing clerk at the Union Bank of Nigeria. “I initially joined to acquire some manufacturing accounting experience and stayed on due to the quality of the team, the strong leadership style and the penchant of the company to throw challenges my way. Cadbury Nigeria, in my view, remains an icon of competence and integrity in the Nigerian market. There’s a strong culture of professionalism tempered with closeness and warmth.

“I’ve worked in a lot of different areas: as export processing manager, treasurer, then company treasurer in Nigeria; as financial accountant and acting finance manager for Cadbury Ltd (UK); then back to Nigeria as general manager IT. As business development controller, I contributed to strategy formulation relating to new business initiatives and the subsequent translation of strategy into activity programmes. In October 2001, I moved back to the UK as business development manager for the Africa, India, Middle East Region. Now, my role is as value based management manager for that region.

“What I enjoy the most is the ability to contribute to activities that have a direct bearing on the company’s performance, together with the professionalism and camaraderie of the team and the total support given by the board of management. “My favourite products? Nigeria’s Tom Tom – its diverse age appeal and multifunctional utility make it a formidable offering in the West African marketplace. And Dairy Milk, which remains the flagship brand for confectionery.”

Production This diagram shows you how all the work they do come all together to make the final product (CHOCOLATE) The departments Use of IT. Cadburys use C.A.M to design all their products. C.A.M means computer aided manufacture. This is where they use the computers to accurately make their products. The job revolves around computers so it is all neat and they can pass the information all over the world quickly and efficiently over email.

They need computers to keep in contact with their other plants around the world. They also use the computers In the wispa plant individual micro processors monitor things such as temperature of about 1,000 different points, with information being fed into the central computers which can deal with some 360,000 different commands per minute. Some of the plants can wrap up to 800 bars in just under a minute. The Bournville site alone produces an access of 500,000 tonnes of chocolate, which is 1.6 million bars of various kinds, and also 50 million hazel whirls a year.

Marketing What is marketing? Marketing is another part of the functional areas. In this section they go and find out all the information they need, and put it all together to pass on to the designers that will then design the product. Sometimes they go out and do questionnaires and sometimes they can just go on the Internet and find all the information they need there.

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