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Business Objects Global Services and Support are in the business of soft wares that provide support for business intelligence and processes. Their suite provides a complete set of intelligence capabilities such as Enterprise Performance Management, Information Management, Query and analysis etc. Apart form this they also provide consulting services to businesses and training of personnel to use soft wares and computer systems as well. Their website www.businessobjects.com is a comprehensive one and provides enough detailed information on every aspect of their system. It gives module details, workings, capabilities of each function and case studies of their customers as well.

Business Intelligence Software TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

The website is divided into categories such as products, support, services, customers, solutions, partners and company information. Each part of the website offers comprehensive information with easy to access links, downloadable brochures etc. Te support section offers downloads and troubleshooting documents as well as opinions of others in forums. The contact information of the firm along with its partners is clearly written and easily accessible as well. Thus in order to choose this software, not much will have to be sought other than the exact pricing of each product and service of theirs. For that one would have to contact them or visit their online store whose links is given at their website. The store lists the products with features, price and an option to buy online.

Other information that would be crucial in determining whether one should go for this system would be a comparison with competing products in the same market. For this, one would have to search and look at other vendor sites to arrive at a final decision. A more helpful way would be to access websites that are dedicated for compare and contrast purposes of various other soft wares. Thus although the website is comprehensive enough in providing information about their product, other websites will have to be sought for sure.


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