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Establishing good and meaningful communication is one of the most important factors in order to properly handle the business operations of a company. Being the case, there are matters that should be given due attention and consideration when these are communicated to other people (Kay, 2004). This could be exemplified by policies that could involve preventing and addressing the abuse of Internet use that people in an organization should adhere to. In informing the people within the organization of these policies, the methods of communications that should be used should be different for managers and employees.

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Employees should be notified about these policies by means of a meeting and printed materials like official documents. The employees should be informed through a meeting wherein a superior of the company would properly explain to them the reason, importance and the ways by which these policies would be implemented. The management should also emphasize the corresponding actions if an employee would violate these policies. In relation to these, there should also be an official document containing these policies that the employees should sign in order to show that they agree with it and it will also serve as a guide for them.

On the other hand, the manager of the company should undergo workshops and training when it comes to communicating these policies to them because they have to efficient with these policies as they would be responsible in implementing it. They should also be given manuals that would aid them in implementing these policies (Fastrak Consulting, 1998). The employees would surely ask for the limitations of these policies especially in identifying between personal and official use of the Internet.

In this case, it should be included in the discussion and even in the policies the instances and practices when the Internet would be regarded as use for office or personal purposes. In connection to this, the employees would also inquire about the corresponding sanctions if these policies are violated. As such, it is necessary that the sanctions for these policies is discussed starting from the warning of an employee for disobeying the policies up to the extent that could lead to his or her termination.

Similarly, the managers would also have their own queries that would mostly involved how they would properly implement the policies and the necessary procedures that should be done if ever a violation of the policies occur. In this situation, the people responsible in training these managers should give them real cases that they would eventually face in implementing these policies. They must also be equipped with the necessary knowledge to handle violations of these policies, which include knowing the disciplinary procedures for employees that would violate it (Business Editor, 2009).

It cannot be prevented that some employees would have a negative reaction for these policies especially because it means that they would be closely monitored when it comes to their Internet use. When this kind of situation emerged, the management should properly explain to the employees that using the Internet access of the company for personal use would cost the company a large amount of money that could adversely affect the robustness of the organization. If such thing happens, even the employees would also be affected.

In doing so, the employees would see the relevance of the policy for the company and also for their on welfare. References Business Editor. (2009). How to Implement a Business Policy. Retrieved April 27, 2009, from http://www. ehow. com/how_2100533_implement-business-policy. html. Fastrak Consulting. (1998). The Main Communication Methods. Retrieved April 27, 2009, from http://www. fastrakconsulting. co. uk /tactix/features /commopts/comopt02 . htm#top Kay, F. (2004). Brilliant Business Connections. Oxford: How To Books Ltd.

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