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Background Information

Tailwaiters is a food service company specializing in the needs of people who tailgate before and after concerts, performances, and sporting events. Tailwaiter staff members take orders for food, drinks, and grilling and picnicking supplies, set up for clients in the parking lot, and clean up after the tailgating.

Business Organization: Analysis of Tailwaiters TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Management and Organization

The organization of Tailwaiters is set up with management giving directions to staff members. Staff members include marketing and sales personnel, food preparation workers, drivers, and waiters. Each person has one’s unique responsibility in the chain of command.

Organizational Culture

In describing the organizational culture of Tailwaiters, it is fair to say that the company is well organized, corporeal and democratic. In other words, although directives are given by management, staff members are encouraged to voice opinions during regular staff meetings. As far as clients are concerned, Tailwaiters maintains a casual and friendly character.

Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics

The ethical atmosphere of Tailwaiters is an important aspect of the company, in that the company respects the idea of social responsibility. Company staff members are treated fairly and are well paid, and clients are served with healthy foods and beverages and are well cared for during their events.

Managers’ Responsibilities in Making Decisions

Managers at Tailwaiters are responsible for making decisions which maximize performance and profitability. Although some decisions made by management sometimes seem harsh or unfair, it is important for management to explain the reasoning behind their decision making. Usually, managers make decisions in the best interests of the company as a whole.

Organizational Structure and Design

It is important for Tailwaiters to have strategies and benchmarks in place in order to be competitive. Marketing, sales, and aspects of the organizational culture are all important elements of creating standards to maintain an effective presence in the market.

Communication and Information Technology

Communication and information technology describe the means and ways of interpersonal interaction within the company and with clients. Speaking person to person is the best way to get everyone on the same page in regard to important meetings. Telephone, email, and website communication is used for brief introductions to the company and ordering services.

Accounting and Finance

Tailwaiters generates revenue from the tailgating packages it sells to clients. In addition to these food and picnicking packages, clients are able to order drinks and extra items. Although the company is financially sound, it would be better for the company for management to raise the payment of employees.

Human Resource Management

Pay and benefits of working at Tailwaiters includes a fairly competitive pay scale and options for health insurance and retirement. When staff members are successful in meeting performance objectives, then they are rewarded by pay raises and promotions.


Tailwaiters markets its services most specifically to tailgaiting fans at sporting events, leaning towards a male oriented market. The pricing strategy is such that customers receive high quality picnic style goods and services while the company maintains secure revenue.

Operations and Value Chain Management

The operations of Tailwaiters include the processes which convert resources into finished goods and services, while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency in managing productivity. In essence, customers are attracted to the company by referrals, advertising, and the company website. The company organization works well, and orders are filled in a competent and intelligent manner. The high quality nature of its goods and services lend to repeat customers and a high level of business, and a good reputation.

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