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There is an acute need to ensure that the employees of the ABC Bank do not suffer because of the website infrastructure failure. The bank shall take several steps to ensure that before the deadline of 10th November, the employees get and opportunity to examine and enroll in the newest employee benefits program. First, the employees will be encouraged to examine the details of the newest employee benefit packets on the existing intranet program and post their decisions on the newest employee benefit packets on the website using their login accounts. This process should be completed by the 3rd November.

Second, those employees who have not been able to access the details of the newest employee benefits packets by the 3rd of November because of website problems or have not been able to enroll in the benefits program because of website hitches should approach the assistance desk established by the HRM department. The HRM department will give them a printed copy of the new employee benefits package as well as give them a printed form on which the employees may use to express their choice and enroll in the newest employee benefits packets. Third, the company will upgrade its current IT system so that the system is trouble free and meets the requirements of the ABC Bank.

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First, all employees of ABC Bank will be sent an electronic message that they should access the intranet system and attempt to look at the specifications of the new benefit program and attempt to enroll in the employee benefits packets latest by 3rd November instead of waiting up to 10th November. In case, any employee faces problems in accessing the website or the employee benefits packet, he should contact the HRM and get himself a printed copy of the newest packet.

Moreover, the HRM will monitor the number of employees who have not been able to access the packet on the website or have not enrolled and on 4th will send a reminder to the employees requesting them to collect a printed copy of the benefits packet from the desk established by the HRM of ABC Bank (U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration 2006).

Second, on the 4th November, outside the HRM office of ABC bank a desk will be set up which will allow employees to collect printed copies of the newest employee benefits packets, collect the enrolment forms and submit the filled up forms. The desk will be well stocked with the employee benefits packet details and forms. The HRM officer manning the desk will help employees fill up the forms at the desk itself or will check the forms when turned in for completeness and signature.

The desk will be open from one-hour before the office opening time and will remain open for two hours after the office closing time to help employees access it. All employees will be informed that the desk will close on the 10th November. It will be the responsibility of the HRM department to ensure that no employee who wants to enroll in the benefits packets is inconvenienced in any way whatsoever. After the forms are collected, the HRM will use outside data entry operators to enter the data into the system. The IT department will ensure the integrity of the data.

Third, the company will ensure that its computer system is standardized. This will prevent such problems in future. ABC bank is having difficulties because its branch teller system, employee compensation and benefits system, branch platform and other channel applications are built separately over a period of time. These applications communicate with different core application systems and the lack of integration has led to the hitches that have caused problems for the frontline bank employees as well as operation staff.

The system has frustrated employees because lack of integration of data has led to providing substandard service to customers, low employee morale and even spurts in employee turnover. The break downs and hitches as can be seen from the enrollment in benefits program increases costs and makes the tasks very complex for employees. Even the cost of maintaining the system is high and eats into the profits of the ABC bank.

The bank as a part of its policy will install a standardized infrastructure that will use XML Web services to integrate the application system of ABC Bank. There will be a standards-based framework to simplify its IT system. The new software will use Web services, XML and Service Oriented Architecture. This will ensure that applications of several compatible vendors can be intrinsically integrated with the existing system of ABC Bank to generate new value. This will obviate the need to replace the existing system.

The cost will remain under control. This approach will bring perceptible benefits to ABC Bank. The new system will have a lower operating risk,  it will bring greater value to ABC Bank, there will be faster deployment of the system and lower recurring cost and most importantly there will an increase in employee satisfaction. The employees will be able to access information more easily, faster and need less retraining.

To sum, ABC bank has an immediate problem of enabling its employees to enroll in its newest employee benefits problem and a more fundamental problem of tottering computer systems. This policy statement addresses the manner in which ABC Bank will address both these problems.


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