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I am writing this letter to request for your assistance in helping me prepare for a presentation with chief execute officer, the board of directors of a firm that invests in distance learning, the presentation will be held at eight in the morning in my office. My main objective is to acquire a one million dollar loan for a distance learning company I want to start next month.

As mentioned earlier I will be addressing the chief execute officer and the board of directors of the firm that invest in distance learning, therefore I need to how I will be dressed up for the occasion, the attitude I should present and what their main interests will be.


I need to use visual aid in my presentation whereby I will have top prepare power point slides to enhance the delivery of the information to the audience, in this case I need you to advice me how I will prepare this slides, the color that I will use, the graphs and pictures I will used and slide transitions where required.

I have never had a presentation with such prominent members of the society and I feel that it is likely threat I will experience stage fright, I would like you to advice me on how to avoid fright during the presentation, how do I cope with stage freight and how do I face the audience or what level of confidence am I expected to portray.

I would also like to know how I strategize on this presentation, how and what I am supposed to research on and how I clearly and best communicate my objectives to the audience in order to persuade them to offer me the 1 million dollar loan.

The topics I expect to discuss are:

  • An introduction to long distance learning
  • Statistics on the level of demand for this type of learning
  • Expected level of turnout
  • Problems that include funding
  • Expected returns
  • Expected repayments per month for four years
  • Contribution to the society including employment and economic development
  • Conclusion and thanks giving

All the above topics will be discussed during the presentation, however I need to logically organize the body of the presentation to fit well to my audience, I also need to have audience participation of which I do not know ho I will achieve this also how will I pose in front of my audience how I use gestures and movements that do not disrupt my audience.

I need you to advice me on the posture in front of the audience and also how I will make movement, how do I maintain eye contact with the audience because I feel a little shy infront of them, also advice me on the attitude I will portray, how I maintain physical mannerism and also how I avoid destructing my audience in order to avoid any situation that will require apologies.

The presentation has to have transitions whereby I will have to state my strategies, my problems, possible solutions and the evaluation of the best strategy, this will need me to research early on topics which I would like you to suggest to me, also during the presentation I will need some electronics that will aid in the presentation, whereby I will need a laptop and other sound devices to aid in hearing.

To help me introduce audience participation into my presentation I will need to have some questions, what type of questions and when do I ask this questions, how do I avoid risky questions that may threaten the knowledge of my audience, I also need you to advice how I am supposed to answer when question are addressed to me, what if I am not capable of answering some questions, what do I say when I have no answer to a question because this might make me experience stage fright.

Finally I would like you to advice me on how I prioritize these topics that I will be discussing, where do I start and where do I end, how do I maintain control, of my audience from the start of the presentation to the end of the presentation, where should I include statistics and graphs in my presentation and what I should expect at the end of the presentation and what should I prepared for.

After the presentation I expect them to be convinced that I qualify to get the 1 million dollar loan, I also expect them to have learnt something in the process of my presentation and also my objectives and how long I expect to repay the loan they offer me. I will really appreciate if you answered me this questions and also please find me the necessary research topics and also presentation electronics so that I will prepare early and also memorize my presentation days before the date of the presentation, thanks and I expect to hear from you soon.


Mary Munter (2000) Business Communication: Strategy and Skill, Prentice Hall publishers, US

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