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In the fields of business and management, there are various methods through which one researches. Since, the kinds of reports and analysis that are needed in these fields, it becomes increasingly important for the source of the analysis to be authentic and genuine, without any mistakes (Rick, 1994). This is where the Academic papers and database journals come in. Both these sources of information are either peer reviewed or appraised by a scholarly personality.

An academic paper usually contains research results or the analysis of these results in a journal. Many journals are known to be famous for their authenticity. Database journals contain tons of valuable authentic information piled up and organized in such a way so as to help the viewer. These journals are valuable because they provide information about similar objects of interest collected in a single place.  Therefore, academic papers along with database journals are one of the most viable pieces of information in business and management related disciples.

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Apart from these, there are other sources of information that can serve the purpose of research and analysis in the fields of business and management. Another important information source can be newspapers like New York Times and Scholarly journals like Harvard Business Review. Using search engines for scholarly articles can be a great way to save time; as they list down all the related sources and one can choose the best option. Online libraries are also spurting out enabling viewers to access e-books from anywhere in the world. Therefore, it can be said that internet searching can be the best option for efficient and quality search for information.


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