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Nothing improves without change. Humans would remain on the same rotten state without learning and increasing in knowledge, by the experience that make our daily experience. Similarly, great organizations do understand the fluctuations that characterize life, and make preparations to forestall any detrimental impacts on quality of and utility on goods, services produced, investor loyalty and customer patronage. They ensure that market forces favor productive changes, they embrace it and its results are usually of tremendous benefit to the company.



Business restructuring, re-evaluation of production units and principles, incorporation of latest innovations in science, art and technology into production add value to such companies that engage in it, with a survey and plan. This effort is usually necessitated by prevalent economic factors, forces of demand and supply, customers’ patronage, investor interest, technology.

In a situation that the output does not meet demands, or there are effective and cost-effective service delivery/production methods that have been added to the market, there is need to restructure the business to meet the challenges of the present and that of the future. Company leaders with great foresight understand the dynamic nature of business; they build a strong foundation upon which all other policies are laid. This defines the mission statement of the company, and business goals. All necessary changes are based on this predetermined compass.

When conditions warrant change in business structure, a survey is important. This would define the level of achievements and failures of existing schemes, as a way of understanding the past. This would also evaluate the favorable and unpleasant factors that have characterized the business environment, including changes that have taken place in the specific industry that needs to be reviewed. It also predicts the market trend for the future, considering government policies, the influence of organized labor force, and business goals of the company. It is on this that changes are made.

A viable organizational culture understood by employer and employee is equally important. When there is substantial emphasis on diversity and informal organizations. They ease working tension and create a conducive working environment for workers. In this condition, staffs are sensitive and highly responsive to brilliant ideas that would move the company forward. Indeed, human resources are better harnessed for the general interest.


Besides, The change of plan is well structured with a span and specific goal. It incorporates latest developments in technology and science. It is well groomed into existing policies and packaged in marketing manners attractive to customers. It specifies new policies favorable to employer and employee. When this is done, it has been proven that   such produce enormous results if followed with the persistence and vigor of ‘Alexandra, the Great. Customers are usually skeptical of new products, and prefer the complacency of existing ones. In this vein, an aggressive marketing and advertising technique would yield bountiful results

Customers are usually skeptical of new products, and prefer the complacency of existing ones. In this vein, an aggressive marketing and advertising technique would yield bountiful results. The results include:

  • Improved working environment for employer and employee
  • Innovations that ease production
  • Improved quality of products
  • Effective service delivery
  • Increased customer patronage
  • Increased investor loyalty

Business restructuring suitable to existing factors, favorable organizational culture that encourages productive informal organizations and diversity produce fantastic results for such companies.




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