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As a team, use the examples you found to inspire a logo you would use for a startup business. Design or describe the logo in detail. Explain why you chose the symbol and why It Is appropriate for your business. I say everyone does their own research, so we each find 2 examples of mythological symbolism for our design. Then answer these question in each three parts. I will combine at the end everyone’s responses. partl- In general, why do companies use mythological characters and symbolism? –

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Companies use mythological characters and symbolism to create a very precise images of the companies, images that will inspire the potential customers to belief and trust the brand. Companies use these characters and symbols to provide a dimension of timelessness, of a perpetual value that transcends the limitation of our daily human activities. The use of these characters and symbolism helps the company to define and make public core values and vision. It reflects the character of the management of that company and also creates a powerful image the customers can relate to and establish famlllarlty with the brand.

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I Example 1 – I Describe the mythological references I Example 2 – I l[pic] I Describe the mythological references – ICuahutemoc Moctezuma is a mexican beer brand that uses the image of ICerveza Sol is another mexican beer brand that uses the universal I lthe Aztect emperors Cuahutemoc and Moctezuma. lsymbol of the Sun to associate its properties with the qualities of I I I the beer. brands reference. – I I Briefly summarize the myths that the I Briefly summarize the myths that the brands reference.

I I In the ancient Aztec empire, emperors were considered incarnated Gods I The sun s a symbol that is used in myths created by many cultures, I ltherefore they were venerated and had the loyalty of the entire I it is used universally as an archetype that is related to the I I population who respected them as the leader of their society. I properties of the sun. Power, heat, energy and creation are I associated with this symbol. use these myths in their in their I Ibranding. – I I Explain why you think the companies I Explain why you think the companies use these myths I branding. company uses the sun to associate its products with its universall I image they can identify with. The goals is to make clear that Mexican I properties. The sun rules the entire solar system and without it I I people should drink Mexican beer in order to be loyal to their I there is no life or light. Therefore the sun is deeply admired and asl ltradition. The customer reaffirms his identity as a Mexican by Ian astral object is considered of great relevance for the survival of I I purchasing this products, this sense of belonging aids the product tol humans. The beer imposes this greatness by including the symbol, I Isell better. which is also associated with hot weather, and the beer would be the I I I appropriate solution for excessive sun activity. part 3- I Design or describe part of our teams’ logo in detail you would like I Explain why you chose the symbol and why it is appropriate for your I Ito be a part of the main logo. I business. symbol that does not belong I I I The logo should include an archetypal I IJustto one myth, it should transcends the boundaries of culture. I The myth of the phoenix can be found in many cultures during I ISince we live in a globalized modern economy the current markets are Idifferent historic times.

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