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The implementation stage or phase consists of the following steps: coding application programming and testing, installation, documentation training and support.  In any business environment marketing and communication department are basically responsible for the development design and the moment the specification has been accepted and approved soft ware development can now be implemented.  Programmers start by coding using the specification.  In this stage the designers have the responsibility to develop the various elements for them to function properly.

The coding system is done in the date manipulation language, scheme and sub scheme.  Conversation programmes also need to be coded using the specification.  Programming is also necessary at this stage.  The system design is supposed to be transformed into the first complete representation of the software.  The logical system flows, date organization, systems input and output, processing rules and operation characteristics of the software product is defined in the oral structure.

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Organization of database is selected that will control and monitor information flows from the HR. the organizational subdivisions will be served by the database with each member of the organization performing a specific role.  Regular meetings and periodic management of reports for design team is made in the database project.  The DBMS vendor is also chosen at this initial stage of implementation. The database developers are equipped with the tools needed to respond to the overall error prevention methodology naming conventions and coding standards enforcement and operational prototyping of SQL statements.

Testing stage

By the time coding is complete then Test plan is developed together with test cases and scripts.  The system is supposed to be tested inorder to verify whether it operates according to the specification requirements.  When tests show that the system is working or operating in accordance with the required specification then the software is ready for installation.  During testing some modifications are also carried out to the representative programs for DBMS tests.  The test result should be reviewed and finally approved before the actual installation.  The designed solution is tested on the functionality, power and security.

Clients are trained in order to be able to use the new application of information technology.  Software components integrations are done during testing.  This is to determine whether the software product matches the predetermined functionality, performance, quality, interface and other requirements like security.  The software product review provides some practical advice on what to consider when implementing the Riordan new information system database (Satzinger, 2004 p 89). Testing therefore is a prerequisite for effective project implementation of Database information system. The Riordan Manufacturing Company will prove their objective right the moment a good testing is performed.

Training stage comes after testing is done. This is done to various members of employees of the company.s

The members of the manufacturing company need to be trained before they start operating the business.  This would reduce risk of business systems losses.  Therefore, training would reduce error throughout the whole software and database implementation and development period from the very first stage to full operation stages.  The benefits of training basically are to prevent errors from occurring in a business enterprise.  A Para soft database solution is used in prevention of error.

The Para soft thus trains and guides each member of the organization to have some skills on error prevention process for the database to function effectively.  The other benefits would include; there will be prevention of delays; it removes the expensive time of writing and re-organizing databases.  It also control budget overruns.  Finally it prevents database table corruption as well as pollution of information.

Programmes also need training in the use of Data Manipulation language (DML).  Database administrator should also be given some training in data manipulation control language (DMCL) and data definition languages (DDL).  All the training process should be developed with a view of achieving the organizations objectives or goals.  Therefore training of the end user staff is very important especially when the success of the project is to be realized.  A detailed training plan is thus to be tabled and may in addition include the following information.

Those managing the read and writer access to website pages, website development officer, website marketing manager and other areas.   The Riordan information technology department should also provide the HR and carious supervisors with relevant information regarding the security considerations, teamwork policies.  This information may also be important in the fixing of HR information in the database.  The database administrators are equipped with tools to perform inspection of data integrity in the growth and overall performance.

Installation stage

In this stage the products are removed from the test mode to the production environment with conversation of the already available information.  During installation comments of the staff working with the system are recorded down which will help in making the final changes.  The comments will also help in verifying the operation system.  This means that before the final installation, piloting has to be carried out to confirm if some changes can be made before the system is put into operation.  During the installation the DBMS access statistics and visible performance need to be monitored.

This is to address any change that may come as a result of data processing.  This will therefore lead to some modification on the database according to the requirements.  Evaluation of success of data base project is very important during installation.  Since the project is operating for the first time then we expect a lot of changes to be made for effective operations.  After having made sure that the project can operate effectively and efficiently then the Riordan manufacturing company can start a new database project when requested by other customers. (Tiwana 2005, p39).

In summary the objectives of the installation process or stage is to verify that the software product meets the various design requirements. The other reason for installation is to obtain the system owner’s acceptance and approval of the software product.

Information system analysis is also done during installation.  Systems methodology is employed to define the validity of the project.  This is in regard to achieving the HRs goals and the manners in which these will be cross-referenced with the information system design. The support stage becomes the final stage in implementation process.  The project completion does not mean the end of Riordan Corporation with the client.  The company should provide a 3-year warranty period.  The technical support is thus provided after the warranty period or service agreement which clearly specifies client’s requirement.  This should be based on a special agreement on addressing problem should it occur.

Support should be provided where by the IT department in the manufacturing company should be responsible for the systems checkup and maintenance.  The department in areas such as hardware, software and other needs that may require information integrity and security provides this support.  This could be in line with those operating in E-Commerce.

The department of information technology should also be responsible to apply any alterations to the system software and hardware.  These changes are geared towards improving the operation as time goes.  This technology is aimed at providing the customers the firm is dealing with a lot of benefits.

First, high quality services are produced to meet the business requirements.  Information flow from HR desk would be smooth as it goes to the other members of the organization.  The support stage will also determine the capability of the company on its speed to fix a problem after being told or informed and how fast the problem will be solved by Riordan.  The clients thus need to sign an agreement with the company on the future application development and updates where necessary. (Fumy, 2006, P58).

The development of the new technology has brought rapid changes in the provision of best quality services by using the modern project management methods and documentation.  This has advanced the business environment especially those operating an electronic commerce’s.

The latest project management of information flow among different parties of a business enterprise is integrated with the E-business project.

During the entire process the customer has tight control over the project whereby possible changes can be made on the system.  The Riordan manufacturing company is otherwise expected to support the customer after installation.  The warranty should also be provided after some small period of time to eliminate any bugs found free of charge.  The company should also perform further maintenance of the system.


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