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This letter has been written to inform potential customers about a new customer incentive program that the departmental store is planning to initiate. According to this program the customers will be given discounts with respect to their purchased amount. The major reason behind such incentive schemes is to raise the sales revenue and attract more people towards the business. The departmental store also aims to maintain a long term customer relationship through this scheme.

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The sender of this letter is the W&J departmental stores’ marketing or promotional  head.


Mr. Frank lagan is the receiver of this letter. He is probably a regular customer of the departmental store.


The message tells the potential customer about the new discounting plan that the store has planned. It tells about the required amount of purchases required to gain the benefits of discounting. As it is a good news message it attracts the customer to purchase from the specific store.


The message was delivered through post therefore it might have taken time for the customer to know about the offer. Although the text of the letter attracted the customer to shop but the departmental store promotional departmental head should have been shown more excitement and warmth to entertain the customer. The advertising such as the logo, title were also not decided so it might give a negative impression to the receiver (Boovee & Thill, 2009).

Business letter 2: (see appendix A-2)


The aim of the sender is to complain about the defected items that were purchased and to get a replacement instead. This letter can be regarded as a bad news message as it presents a negative image of the company and can be harmful for the company’s image in its client’s mind


The letter has been sent by the customer complain manager (Emily smith) of D&G super mart who is responsible for and customers ‘complains.


The letter has been written to the supply manager (jean Paul) of KR toys.


The message is about the defected and damaged product bought by the super mart. Such messages that come directly from the potential business clients are a vital source to judge a company’s good will and image in the market. It can be judged from this particular message that company’s reputation is at stake in the sender’s mind. Immediate steps must be taken to satisfy the client and create long term business relationships.

Business letter 3: see appendix A-3


This letter is mainly written to inform the potential client about the increase in prices of the product that is delivered to them.


The letter has been sent by the finance manager (Harry Clinton) of Dickson Company who manufactures leather products such as shoes, bags etc.


Mr. Allen, the sales manger of shoe-house shop is the receiver pf this letter.


The letter is a type of bad news message. It is a notification letter that tells the shoe outlet manager about the increase in purchasing prices of their product. The sender should have been more tactful about the issue. The announcement of price increase should have been buffered in between compliments and the long term relations between both the businesses.

To maintain good relations with our business clients, bad news such as the one in this letter should be announced personally. Further, the sender should have provided more information, statistical facts and figures to convince the receiver to purchase good on increased prices. Instead of interacting through

Letter, the new pricing policy should have been announced in a meeting (Murphy, Herbert &Hildebrandt 2007).

As the head of the project development department of our company, I would like to put forward a Business proposal that will surely be of your interest. We have been operating in the same geographical areas for the past several years but didn’t get a chance to work together, but now our company is planning to bring some changes in the marketing strategies of our new project and considers you to be a suitable match for outsourcing the marketing our new product range. Our survey of the marketing agencies has shown that your company has the required experience to attract our target market.

This project is basically an initial step towards diversification. Our company plans to diversify from our usual range of dairy products to fresh fruit juices. The financial budget and other legalities have been dealt through and production process will start by the mid of May 2010.

I am not at the liberty to discuss further financial details about this project due to security reasons, but the report on this project will be delivered to you on request. Your positive response will be highly appreciated.

On behalf of my company, I congratulate you on initiating this unique project for your company. The concept of diversifying from dairy products to fruit juices is certainly interesting. It was a pleasure to receive your business proposal.

Our company sincerely appreciated your offer for catering the marketing department of new range of your products. However, it will not be feasible for our company to take on this project at the moment.

Your product launch timings collide with our other potential assignments and it will be impossible for us to do justice with your products. Further, your payment structure of lump sum amount is not what our company usually demands from our clients. We receive our payments according to the royalty share decided through legal transactions.


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