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Choosing what to sell and how to sell it online is very important to consider, because there are some products that could be not very popular to be bought over the Internet like fast foods or everyday-life products like vegetables, fruits and food stuff because it’s not practical, while some products out there are very popular to be demanded online like hotels reservations, travels, real estates and anything like e-books or information. 33% of usage of Internet in Canada is searching for information. (Shenton, 2000, p 1).

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And for Grandmas Treats it is a big chance to success because many people are ready to pay for recipes. We must also remember that how you sell the product is very important because there are some aspects that should be considered and one of the most important things that we should pay attention to is payment methods, because there are some payment methods that are not widely used and usually people don’t have money in there accounts of these e-currencies like E-Gold, but other payment methods like credit cards or PayPal are widely used so it is better to use them.

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There are many great advantages of using online communication with customers and suppliers because the cost of communications online could be zero like in chat or e-mails, but in regular life communication ways that do the same objectives could cost much more especially if we are dealing with international customers or suppliers, not to mention the guaranteed difference in speed.

The risk of doing business on Internet is not just the fact that you could be heading to a failure business. About that Westermeier & Plave (2004) say “The risks of computer

hackers, computer viruses and worms, denial of service attacks, theft, terrorist attacks, sabotage, surveillance and intrusion by competitors and malicious acts by disgruntled employees and many other vulnerabilities are increasing at an alarming exponential rate”.

It is very common for a business website to be hacked be professionals or even by simple programs that are sold out there, a hacker could buy from the website to make the website’s e-currency account ID appears in transactions history and then he will easily detect it and steal money, and of course i’m talking especially about e-currencies because they are easy targets.

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