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Part I: Business Writing Steps

  1. Research more on the three business letter formats.
  2. Gather the data and facts given.
  3. Put data together and create drafts.
  4. Check the drafts if they are in line with the three business formats.
  5. Finalize the three letters.
  6. Double check.

Part II: Portfolio

Business Writing Portfolio TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU


This is to inform you of the adjustments on our store operations which will be effective starting Monday, (Date). As we all know, gas prices have increased over the past years, and have increased a lot as of the moment, which has made it almost impossible for establishments to keep up. Along with the rise of gas comes the increase in store operations expenses. In line with these concerns, there will be major changes in the store operation hours to save money in gas and store expenses.

Starting (Date), our stores will only be open from Mondays through Saturdays and will be closed on Sundays. Aside from this, stores will open an hour later and close an hour earlier from our usual operating hours.

Full time employees who include store managers will work 10 hours/day, 4 days a week. Part-time employees will have to combine their hours in 1-, 2-, or 3-day workweeks. This will depend on the hours they are scheduled to work.

Also, this is to inform you that there will be no new stores opening soon. However, we are assuring you that no stores will be closing.

Re: New Store Operation Hours

Due to Increase in Gas Prices and Store Operations Expenses, please take note of the following changes that concern all stores:

  • Stores will be open from Monday to Saturday only and will be closed during Sundays.
  • Opening time will be one hour later and will close one hour earlier than the usual.
  • Full time employees, including managers, will have four 10-hour day shifts a week.
  • Part-time employees will have to work and combine working hours in 1-, 2-, or 3-day workweeks.
  • No new stores are opening.
  • No open stores are closing.

Please be reminded that these will all be effective immediately, starting Monday, May ,2010. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. Thank You.

BUSINESS EMAIL- Retail Customers and the Public

Dear Valued Customer,

Our store has recently made some changes that we would like to inform you about.

First of all, our stores will be opened on Monday to Saturday and will be closed on Sundays. Store hours will now be from 10am- 8pm. These are big changes in our operating hours and we hope this remains convenient for you. Thank you for your patronage.

Part III: Reflection

Writing these Business Letters in different formats is very different from the academic papers I have written in the past. Although I can say that writing academic papers requires much more work in the aspect of research, business letters can take a lot of time in finding the right kind of words to say.

I think the toughest part in making business letters is looking for the right way of dealing with the people you work with. Using the right kind of formality with the different kinds of people and their positions is very hard, especially when you feel you are not experienced enough to do so. I have proven that confidence can be seen even only through your writing. The way you write will reflect how people will treat your writing. If you are confident in your writing, then your readers will more likely believe in what you are saying.

Academic papers require more technicalities, especially when it comes to researches and presenting data and facts. While business letters require more charisma as they deal more with presenting data to people. With academic papers, it is what you present as compared with business letters wherein it is how you present the data.

I definitely enjoyed writing business letters and having the feel of being a manager or an executive. The different formats are fun to try as it gives the freedom of fitting such formats with the different kinds of people who are in different positions. In conclusion, it is hard to compare academic writings with business letters as the two have very different styles of writing.

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