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This article was written by Jefferson Graham in the magazine USA Today. The article analyzes one of the main business strategies to get more customers, that is online reviews and star ratings which have become very common and as a way of suing the internet as a competitive tool. The web has been used to review various products in order to gain or acquire more customers.

Business enterprises are struggling to be among the top ten in the web and with many Jefferson says that through the web customers of various products get real life opinions about their business and services.  However he (Jefferson) cautions consumers to be aware on such reviews because they may be written by the owner of the business or some people paid to write them.

Businesses Turning Online Reviews to Grow... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Web reviews and star ratings have been used by many companies in the world today to analyze various business and customer trends in conjunction with their products. They use the reviews to aggressively sell their products, change the brands and so on. Jefferson Graham (2008) in this article says, “Some business owners post their reviews and star ratings on their doors or on the counters to show off and it signals to customers that they can also review”.

This is another fine way of advertising products because everybody will be visiting the web for any offers. Moreover this article that was written by Jefferson Graham, informs us of one Mike Dorausch who asks his patients to say good things about his services and even much better do it through reviews so that he can be star rated. The article further cautions that customers should not be forced to say good things about the company or business, the may be upset and end up writing wrong things about the company.

Internet is a strong tool for promoting products in the world and the reveals that many businesses have only grown through the reviews on the web. This is a strong marketing campaign for and of products.


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