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            Andrea Rush exemplifies vision and strategy above all other characteristics. She heard the complaints of others and crafted a vision to make changes. She took it upon herself to go back to school to learn how to run a business successfully. Her vision of owning a business that made changes for the better enabled her to be as successful as she is today. As part of her vision and strategy she analyzed the problem of how employees were treated poorly and saw an opportunity to improve the situation. In addition, she was able to focus her entire attention on customer satisfaction because this was part of her strategy for making working conditions improve for employees.

            Another aspect of the wheel that Andrea Rush demonstrates is that of sponsoring change. When she decided to start her trucking business she knew she would run it according to her vision of improving working conditions and offering superior customer service. As a result, she came up with an innovative business model that allowed her to grow from a three truck business to one that now operates over 1700 trucks. She influences her employees by creating a positive work environment for them while also holding them to high expectations. This is another part of the wheel that Rush demonstrates. She increases the motivation and development of others by offering training sessions as well as sitting on the board of directors of many influential entities.


            Finally, Rush’s management skills show her competence as shown on the wheel. She establishes plans and focuses on business results in order to effectively run her business. She implements her plans in such a way that her customers receive excellent customer service. Her employees also benefit because she is hires women and minorities because she recognizes their potential to help create change in working environments. Finally, Rush works efficiently and this is evident in her enormous growth over the years. She has grown her business by leaps and bounds by working efficiently towards reaching her goals.

            Andrea Rush had two influential people that prompted her to start her highly successful business. The first person who influenced her was the patient who Rush overheard describing his experience in the transport business. Rush thought this idea sounded interesting and this is what lead to her eventual success with her own transport business. While not a mentor, this patient can be credited with helping Rush get started down the path to where she is today.

            Another mentor to Rush was her American Indian grandmother. Rush credits her listening skills to her enormous success. She says this comes under the influence of her Mohawk grandmother. She says that her grandmother had enormous strength and this is what helped her succeed even when things were hard and despite the fact that she is a woman and a minority. She believed that the spirit of her grandmother was with her when she was struggling to overcome obstacles that stood in her way because of her gender and racial identity.

            The way in which Rush runs her business is based on the code of ethics passed down from her elders. When she was facing isolation and prejudice, Rush recalled the lessons that her grandmother taught her and this is what helped her succeed in the long run. She incorporated the need to listen and understand first into the way that she ran her start up business. This willingness to listen led to taking action honestly and with integrity. Rush is so successful because her grandmother was able to instill in her the business ideals that are lacking in many failing corporations. Rush was able to put herself aside and instead focus on her customers and employees. She valued her employees and their part in making her business run smoothly. She listened to them in order to create a positive working environment. In addition, she put customer service at the top of her priority list and this led to increased business because of the high levels of satisfaction experienced. Rush’s grandmother would be happy to know that the values she passed down were put into practice.

            Andrea Rush has learned a great deal of things that helped her become and remain successful. She was able to take the failures of others and apply those lessons to her own business in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. She heard the complaints of coworkers regarding unfair treatment and was prompted to do something about it. She returned to school to learn what needed to be done to eliminate unfair treatment in the business world. She was able to learn valuable lessons simply by paying attention.

            Many business leaders engage in self defeating behaviors that lead to poor success. This includes the failure to listen, the failure to motivate employees and the failure to initiate change. Business leaders who are unable to listen to employees and customers have little chance for success. The ability to listen and pay attention leads to the realization of things that are holding a business back. Employees and customers can give business leaders a wealth of information regarding practices and policies that work and those that do not work. Rush realized that listening and paying attention was the key to learning the necessary skills to run a successful business.

            Andrea Rush also knew that failure to motivate employees would lead to poor success. She knew that she needed employees that would do their work to the best of their ability. To this end, Rush motivated her employees by creating a positive work environment through an atmosphere of acceptance. She hired women and minorities and let them know that they were every bit as valuable as white men. She also incorporated various trainings into her business in order to provide additional opportunities to her employees.

            Rush also initiated a great deal of change in what was typically associated with the transport business. She proved that women and minorities are just as capable of doing a good job as white men are. She used her vision and ambition to change the unfair treatment of people.

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