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This plans main aim is to provide a strategy, which enables the start up and running of a successful catering firm. The value proposition for this project is customers will use this catering firm because all the food used to make meals will be organic offering the customer a healthy way of eating. People will use this service as it has been recognized in the media that eating organic foods is just one way of maintaining a healthy life style.

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This will give us a competitive advantage against rival catering firms, as many firms do not offer an entire organic range of meals. The advantage for this firm over substitute products is that customers would have to buy from food stores and make the food themselves, this firms aim is to target customers that do not have the time to do this. The target market for the business will be wealthy professionals who do not have time to cook their own food and live in and around Manchester City centre.

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At this stage the project is in the early stages of development. Market research is being carried out to find out such things as what sort of meals customers want, and how much to charge for particular meals. The founder of the business is Ellen Okotie who has many years of experience of cooking and using organic foods, and also bring her own special range of African cuisine which may further the business’s competitive advantage over other firms.

There are relatively low start up costs for the business as Ellen will work from home to start with as basic cooking equipment and a refrigerated van are the only big capital outlays which can be funded by Ellens own personal savings. A few conclusions can be drawn from this plan. Research shows there is a market for the service and that everything could easily be put into place to enable the start up and running of a successful firm.

To make sure the firm survives though, a loyal base of customers would need to be built up to make sure the firm was not just simply ran out of the market by competitors. Also the firm needs to stick to a focus strategy so that it gains a competitive advantage against competitors, by focusing in on their own niche market the firm will have a better chance of beating competitors as they will be able to concentrate on developing their own product and service while larger firms would have compete more broadly over the entire market.

This plan has been constructed for the purpose of starting up a catering company. The idea of the business was developed by Ellen Okotie a child protection officer with the NSPCC. The idea is basically to provide a service to people who want high quality organic meals delivered to their door. The plan developed by myself is largely based upon a marketing theme, it provides analysis of the current environment in which the catering industry operates and an analysis of the current situation the firm finds itself in.

Then the business plan itself which suggests the route which the firm should take to make it successful. To start up first of all we have to register at company’s house, which will come at a cost of i?? 20. Company accounts must be produced every month or else the firm could be fined. The company will register as an unlimited company under the name pure and simple as long as no other firm has this name. Other regulations we must comply with include health and safety laws and will face regular inspections from health a safety officer.

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