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Auckland flights carry tourists from all over the world to the largest Polynesian city which is also ranked as the third most livable metropolis in the world. It is also considered as a beta world conurbation by the study undertaken by Loughborough University. It happens to be the largest metropolis of the country of New Zealand and is also the former capital of the country. This part of the world is also the most multicultural city and the most populated place in the nation with a population of more than a million. This destination is popularly known as the City of Sails as it has more boats per person in the world than any other city. The lifestyle of this destination is greatly inspired form the colonial rule of the British during the earlier centuries. This is also the commercial capital of the country with a great number of industries forming the industrial hub of the nation.

Tourists take as the place is a naturally beautiful one with volcanic hills all around. The volcanoes serve to provide great views of the metropolis and lure more than a million travelers round the calendar. Often tourists are seen capturing the beautiful landscape of the conurbation which lies between the twin harbors- the Waitemata and Manukau harbors. It also has a number of beaches which are famous for the water sports specially surfing which happens to be the most popular water sport. Water lovers consider this conurbation as their paradise as it has great beaches and bays where various water activities like diving, swimming, surfing and fishing are encouraged by a group of professionals.

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One of the major attractions of Auckland is the Crystal Mountain. It is located in the foothills of Waitakere ranges- the beautiful mountain ranges of New Zealand. It is a huge space as it ranges over 40 acres and is a peaceful oasis which can be reached by a 20km drive from the city. Tourists taking often take sightseeing buses which cost a bit but take them round the town and show them great places in the metropolis like the harbor bridge as well as the Crystal Mountain. The kids love to go to the underwater world which gives them an Antarctic experience with penguins and other snow animals simulating the polar environment. Many families go for fishing safaris as it is one of the most thriving attractions of the conurbation and some go for sailing in yachts which is great fun that make them explore the pacific ocean.

Many tourists also avoid taking a bus for sightseeing as they don’t want to get stuck with strangers in a luxury transport. They want to go for something private while sailing around the conurbation in private yachts. The touring agencies take them round the metropolis and show them the various sights all day and night ensuring their safety as well as full enjoyment during the trip. Travelers taking also make sure they go to the Auckland Zoo where kiwis that are the national birds of the country and are found in great numbers that is a rarity elsewhere as they are only found here.

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