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Arranging the class In a semi-circle allows the teacher to observe the students and also the students will be able to see their classmates and the board. It Is also perfect for conducting group discussions and participating in group conversations by building the students’ self-esteem and confidence in sharing their ideas, especially for students who are shy to present their work to others. On the other hand, traditional seating seems to be appropriate because semi-circle seating arrangement might not e helpful sometimes as the teacher might find It difficult to meet the students one- on-one.

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It Is also not so handy If the class Is not big enough because this seating arrangement will take much room than the traditional row seating arrangement. Having the students sit in the group seating arrangement allows the teacher to walk around the classroom and monitor all the students. Previous the seating arrangement the teacher needs to decide which students can be grouped together and not misbehave or lower their performance. The teacher technique is probably a ix between adult run and collaborative learning. Groups allow the students to work together and Independently.

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The students are all facing the teacher and front of the classroom. It is easy to have the students see the instructional aids that could be used. In this situation students can take tests and the teacher can easily monitor. They can do activities and learn cooperatively. Nonetheless, this arrangement does not allow for much class discussion because the students are not facing each other and It Is hard to hear and see who is talking. To allow the students to work together Is accessory for the teacher to make sure the class as a whole can have a partner and work together.

Therefore, I consider the group seating arrangement a technique to use on days when the students need a different and interactive way of participation. Thereby, the student does not feel in the same environment every day. However, like I stated before the semi-circle seating creates and environment of unity for the whole classroom which I strongly prefer. Seating arrangements are very important when thinking about classroom management. The way a class should be arranged clearly upends on the type of students and the techniques the teacher uses.

In my view not one situation is better than another and changing the room around will change the environment. Rows might be very successful for one student while groups could be for another. All students learn differently and depending on the teacher’s technique and the way the teacher incorporates the seating during the instruction has an influence on the students in deferent ways. This allows the students to see class with a different perspective, working with other people and seeing Information with a at all personalities and levels of students.

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