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With the Information age and continuous technological development have been impacting upon the education organizations too. Principals and management body of schools, colleges, institutes and universities are trying hard to improve their efficiency of administrative services. Information technology development has helped these educational establishments to achieve their goal of higher productivity and better Information management of their students, parents, classes, courses, marks, attendance etc. More veils: www. Campuses. Leno

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Campuses, flagship school management software has been specifically developed to help education institutions not only muddle through numerous new challenges facing by the sector, but also thrive in the constantly-changing conditions. Campuses, through its cloud based software for school management, takes care of most types of education accounting like Student Records, Examination & Evaluation, Student Attendance, Library, Lesson Management, Fee Management etc and allow the educator to concentrate on real time job.

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Being a “cloud-based” solution, it means that your software and information are stored on remote web servers and accessed over the internet like Gamma, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. And hence, the information is available & accessible anytime anywhere. Being an online system, Campuses comes with many advantages Like no procurement & maintenance of servers, no In-house Installation, reduced cost of deployment etc over traditional in-school server solution or installed software solutions. Schools of all sizes need a solution to run it profitable, easy and efficiently.

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