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Executive Summary

Since its very inception the world has undergone a variety of developments, out of which 21st century is remarked as the fastest age ever. The technological progress and fastest means of communication have brought the continents together by minimizing the distances, introducing mobility of resources and growing networks. These growing networks have largely influenced the business setups through out the world. Manual business setups have largely been replaced by digital ones making the business environment much efficient, faster, and having and outreach of a larger area. This has developed the trend of E-Business, whereby every one wants to have a world wide exposure to his business, just at a cost of single click.


Promoting your world wide business has been a sixty thousand dollar question in the past and has never been so easy, as it’s in contemporary times. The most effective tool in this regard is E. Commerce.  E Commerce expands the horizons for all sort of businesses to have a world wide exposure and super normal growth. Setting up a business on World Wide Web is now possible only in few easy steps. Though the process consists of few steps but, it’s very crucial to understand the procedure very well, so that the one can handle the business on the web with an ease, making the business plan much effective.

Domain Registration

The first step in this context is ‘registering a domain name’. Domain name is the unique identifier of your website on the World Wide Web. The two elements of domain name are TLD, the Top Level Domain (generally represented by .com, .net etc), and SLD, the Second Level Domain (preceding the TLD, i.e. google.com) in order to register a domain name you’re to contact a registrar, after accepting their terms of services. They also reserve the right to abandon their services if you’re found exploiting their TOS.

After getting your domain registered, you’re on the highway to precede your business through out the world. The next step you’re to go for is the choice of hosting services.

Hosting services provide you with the platform whereby your website is accessible for others. Such service providers store all of your data and retrieve it as demanded. Many hosting services are available at variable rates, in accordance to the quality of their services. The hot issues which need to be considered while choosing a hosting service are, speed, security, bandwidth, storage, back-up power and support.

Web Hosting & Web Development

Getting hosting service and putting the business files on your website, now you need to manage those files, by developing the website. Website development, in fact is a complex methodology combination of various functions, but it’s none too difficult as well. Some of the hosting companies also offer built in tools for the basic website development. It’s, however, of utmost importance to have a website that gimmicks the attraction of the visitors.

For this purpose, designers and programmers resolve your all problems, by providing you with what you need. But there’re some matters where you need to keep a check on, for instance software licensing, and content of your website etc. licensing is directly related to the legal frameworks of the business, while content is something indirectly related to the matter. Content actually determines your conduct and attitude towards the business and other counterparts.

Web Marketing

When you’re ready with the website, you’re standing at the final step of your way to success. It just needs to tell people about you know. Telling people about you on internet is as easy as previous steps have been. This is in fact marketing you do to promote your business. The world of internet provides you with a wide range of marketing facilities, quite compatible with your business.

Internet marketing includes, pay per click, banner exchange programs, email marketing and search engine marketing. In the former strategies you’re on direct marketing while the latest one provides you with variety of options, like indexing, search engine optimization etc. And thus the growth of your business depends on how effectively you market it. Web directories have made it very easy to target the desired markets and bring you the targeted customers.

Though the development of E Business is very easy, but being a business it still needs your dedication and efforts. More you are dedicated, the more your business will outgrow. Since your E Business is handled by a number of people working at different ends, it becomes your prime responsibility to have a detailed knowledge of their work description, in order to meet any insurgency if it occurs.

Dedication and a little attention can lead you towards the hall of fame, so be pragmatic, and give your business an innovative touch at a place visited by millions of people everyday. A little investment of time and money can bring your business a long list of fortunes. The web is full of challenges and as a reward it allows a wide range of opportunities as well. So the opportunity is your, avail it and excel!

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