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The company is known to have opposed the workers union at their organization. The union was one of the legislations meant to protect the workers at the company from harassment they are subjected to by the management. On other point, the legislation was meant to ensure that the workers are paid their dues at the right time with correct implication. When the company realized they were required to give the workers a right to dictate what they wanted from the management, they tried to oppose the implication of the legislation. Due to this they joined the anti-union fray that could protect them from workers rights.


The union was established in response to the complains that the workers at the company placed before other managements regarding the misconduct at the company. The company was known to discriminate women in the society. It only employed a narrow percentage of women in the society as compared to the percentage of men employed. With the influence of other companies, Citigroup Company later on was forced to imply some of the rights in workers legislation. With the effect, the company could now offer the rate opportunity to both sexes in the region.

Nonetheless this only worked for a short period of time as some years later after 2005; the company faced the same discrimination in some departments in the company (Prince 2005). This has been the same situation to date, in such away that women are not allowed to perform some of the top rank duties at the company. There was also discrimination on basis of race in the company. It was only a given race that was allowed to perform the top rank duties. At the same time, payment of the duties performed was paid regarding to the race of the individual.

This created differences in the amount of salary for the workers at the company. Despite the union’s effect at the company, it still faces sexual harassment among the lower ranked workers. This has been to the fact that the workers are offered poor working conditions as well as low pay that forces them to abide to the demands of the management just to ensure that they meet their daily needs. With the effect of the women organization to try and eliminate the policy that promotes the harassment, the chairman of the company has remained adamant to the request thus forcing the workers to continue facing violence.

As much as there has been the sexual harassment law that is meant to guide the workers and some of the clients from the violence, the company chairman tend to justify the act by the fact that, they are not legible to any harassment of their worker as they are old people and thus not to be cared for by the company policy (Prince 2005). This has also brought in the issue of age difference as they tend to protect the rights of workers regarding to the age of an individual. The young people are protected more than the adults in the region. REFERENCE Prince C 2005 Misconduct Company Retrieved 8th

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